Hamburg Based Fashion Start UP Jan ‘N June Plans to Create Sustainable High Street Fashion

Hamburg, Gemany: One of the most annoying things about going ‘organic’ when it comes to clothing is that ‘green’ outfits are simply not fashionable enough. Let’s face it, no one wants to wear an ugly dress, just for the sake of the environment, no matter how important is, for all of us, to become more aware of environmental challenges happening around.

 Black is the new Green: Hamburg based start-up plans to  create sustainable high street fashion

 Black is the new Green: Hamburg based start-up plans to  create sustainable high street fashion

Since hedonistic human nature cannot be changed, and pushing people towards wearing ‘green’ clothes is highly unlikely to work, a new fashion start up based in Hamburg, called Jan ‘N June is taking on the great challenge to make high street fashion using the principles of sustainability.

Anna Bronowski and Juliana Holtzheimer, founders of Jan ‘N June, have started thinking about the idea of creating sustainable high street fashion one year ago, and they are now running a crowdfunding campaign on Nordstarter, hoping to raise enough awareness and money for their project.

What does the duo hope to bring new to the ‘bio’ clothing market? First of all, they want to make sure that all the clothes created are produced using clean materials, less water, and recycled fabrics. They also believe in transparency and equal pay for everyone working to make these new clothes.

Anna and Juliana plan to keep the price for their creations as affordable as possible, as they intend to launch competitive products on the market.

Last, but not least, they intend to create clothes people would love buying, sexy, cool, highly fashionable items that can truly catch the attention of the most pretentious audience.