Smart Speaker Monitor

Smart Speakers and voice assistants are much discussed topics . They will revolutionize the way consumers engage with brands and businesses. In 2018 Smart Speakers and voice assistants will become largely available in The Netherlands. In order to plan and execute a voice strategy, you will need to know which platforms your consumers will engage with. Stay on track with all the latest developments. 

The monitor consists out of four quarterly reports per year. It is the most complete source of information within the Dutch voice market and a must-have for anyone active in the field of digital marketing

About the Monitor

Over the course of a year (until Q1, 2019 ) we'll keep you up to date on how the adoption is taking place. The monitor consists out of: 

  • 4 x Consumer Research reports ( May, August, November 2018, February 2019) 
  • 4  x Quarterly Market Updates (Q2, Q3, Q4 2018, Q1 2019) , containing all relevant news, opinions, reviews and publicly published research  
  • 4 x Pricing Research (overview of models and prices) 

Get the 3 most important Smarts Speaker of this year for free 

To get a good idea of what the Smart Speakers are about, we believe in experiencing it yourself. Therefore we'll send you three Smart Speakers: an Amazon Echo, a Google Home and (later this year) an Apple HomePod. 

Brand preferences and market shares

market shares 4.jpg

Our monitor follows Dutch consumers and looks at:

  • Preferences: Which Smart Speakers are they interested in?
  • Market Shares: which Smart Speakers are they currently buying*?
  • What does your target group do?

* Market shares available from November 2018 

Market updates

smart speakers report front.jpg

The rapid development of apps, skills and actions will change the way we interact with technology rapidly. The way we shop, do business an connect with each other will be impacted,  both worldwide and on a local scale.

Market updates contain:  

  • News updates & articles: latest local trends & developments within the voice market, translated into english. 
  • Reviews & opinions: what do consumers and experts think about these new developments and the products and applications they are offered? 
  • Public research and reports