Carlsberg Launches the First Digital Beer Mat in the World

Known for its quirky commercials and hip audience, the beer known as ‘world’s probably best lager’, Carlsberg is making yet another statement by sending its smart digital beer mats to pubs and bars across Denmark. Hanging out on the town just got a new meaning for the guys at Carlsberg and especially for their beer loving, bar hopping clientele. Do you want to know where to hang out next? Do you want to hear about the best deals on entertainment or where to grab food and drinks for cheap? Or do you just want to find a taxi to get you back home?

Carlsberg solves all the conundrums one may encounter while spending a fun night out with friends by making it easy for smartphone users to access Crowdit, their lifestyle app that connects you with everything that matters.

However, you are not required to have Crowdit installed on your phone to learn about the latest deals. All you need to do is to touch your smartphone to one of the digital beer mats installed in the pub or bar you are visiting and you will have the app sent to your mobile device.

What is even more interesting, the digital beer mats, which are an innovation on their own, will be connected to beacons running on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology inside pubs and bars. Carlsberg is obviously trying to maintain its hip reputation by being the first beer company to make use of the new technology, in order to add a new dimension to its relationship with customers.