Exklusiv München Helps Smartphone Users Gain Information and Instant Access to Hip Locations via Beacon Technology

Munich, Germany: Exklusiv München has just taken technology coverage in Munich a bit further, combining the information that is usually provided through their lifestyle magazine with beacon technology. Their app allows users to receive information on shops, restaurants, galleries and museums as they walk around the city, in search of something interesting to do or see. What Exklusiv München aims for is better coverage for their app and the technology involved, and their efforts are targeted on getting more local businesses to join the system.

According to the magazine’s representatives, the app has already been downloaded over 10,000 times and expansion is underway. Any local business can rent a beacon transmitter for 75 Euros monthly, and, in exchange, users of the app can be attracted to the stores and shops with special offers.


An interesting aspect related to the facilities offered to businesses is that business owners can organize their own marketing campaigns using the iBeacon CMS (Content Management System) placed at their disposal. Exklusiv München ensures that no special skills are required for business owners to create, organize and manage their marketing campaigns, as their CMS is very user friendly.

There are advantages for customers, as well. For instance, users of the app will receive information on special events, according to a calendar, so entertainment is ensured. 20 categories are listed in the app so far, from restaurants and shops to golf clubs and hotels, so tourists can benefit from these facilities even more than locals.