Review Website Yelp Buys Popular German Start-up Restaurant-Kritik to Expand Its Presence in Europe

Berlin: The latest financial figures may not look too good for Yelp, and the fact that their share price registered a 15% drop is not good news either, but this does not mean that one of the biggest players on the review site market is going down. Actually, Yelp is planning to expand in Europe, being already present in 29 different countries.

Recently, Yelp bought Restaurant-Kritik, an ambitious startup dealing with the same line of business as its acquirer. With over 330,000 reviews from users on over 94,000 restaurants spread all over Germany, it is quite obvious that Yelp does not aim at treading lightly with its European expansion.

While it is clear what the Hamburg based company brings to the table, the benefits will work both ways. Yelp content will be integrated into the German website, as well, which means that users from Germany will be able to easily reach information regarding other locations. There are also rumors that for some time the German website was looking for a way to become part of a wider, international community, although the name Yelp was not mentioned.

Community reactions did not take long to appear. Since Yelp knows its fair share of controversy, there are people who think Restaurant-Kritik will no longer be what it used to. Social media signals, especially from Twitter, clearly show that there are many who do not support this acquisition.

On the other hand, Yelp continues to expand in more than one ways. Just recently, they added the possibility for users to book travel packages directly from the Yelp website.