Flora Holland Trade Fair Experiments with iBeacon – Offline Retails Businesses Made Personal Once More

The offline retail business is in suffering; with so much online shopping going on, it is clear that brick and mortar stores have taken a big hit. However, the situation is about to change, as the implementation of iBeacon technology in such real life stores can draw more visitors and link their online experience, ever present on their smartphones, with what is happening before their very eyes.

At least, this is what the most recent iBeacon experiment related to offline retail is trying to state. FloraHolland Trade Fair, held at the beginning of November in Aalsmeer, proved to be quite a surprising experience to visitors through the implementation of iBeacon technology.

Visitors were offered personal and relevant information directly on their phones, via the Trade Fair app, helping them get around the fair and finding the things they wanted to see. This was not all. On a giant screen, information on how the iBeacon technology works, and the data gathered through the app, was displayed, helping visitors catch a glimpse of future shopping.

In this day and age of content fatigue, people need relevant information more and more. The iBeacon technology works based on proximity; this means that, whenever someone gets closer to a transmitter, certain information is sent to their phone, helping them get around better. The Beacons were provided by Glimworm beacons.

This means that offline retail is made personal once more, which is the needed edge such businesses must have in order to recuperate some of the lost customers and create a solid base of loyal buyers.