Beacon Case: treasure hunting in the city of Amsterdam

Social gifting app Treatz used the popular Sinterklaas event in Amsterdamto promote the use of their app: during the Saint Nicholas ‘intocht’, Treatz app users were able to take part in a treasure hunt. They received clues (ibeacon triggered push messages) on their Iphone that led them to places where presents were handed out. 

For Treatz it was the second time to employ beacons to promte their app . Earlier this year they took part in the Amsterdam shop route providing free beacons to participating shops. 

Although numbers of usage and engagement are not known, it is an interesting case to consider: Treatz is one of the first companies trying to convert mass event visitors into a shopping public using ibeacon as a means. We are anxious to learn if we will see this happen more often in the future.

Details:  Ibacons used: Glimworm and ; Number of beacons used: 25

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