Berlin’s Bikini Concept Mall Welcomes New Pop-up Stores

Berlin: Bikinihaus, the name of the building housing the modern Bikini concept mall, was erected in the 50s, its role being to promote a certain ‘Berlin attitude’. Consumers today may still relate to the chic air of the place, especially since the renovation of Bikinihaus and transformation into a concept mall has already managed to attract more than half a million people through its doors.

The main idea behind Bikini concept mall is to offer consumers living and shopping in a digital era a new way of doing what they love best, without dull ads or seizure inducing flashing panels. What the concept mall aims at is to create a space for people to come and relax, populate the area, without being pressured into buying something.

Far from the overused mould of shopping malls, Bikinihaus welcomes local fashion brands, flagship stores and fresh concepts.

Bikini Berlin concept mall

Bikini Berlin concept mall

The appeal of the place is enhanced by the presence of pop-up stores that can be rented for three months and up to one year, where start-up companies can present new ideas, offer samples, and entice passersby with unique products and services.

The recent popularity of Bikinihaus and the concept mall it shelters managed to draw more pop-up stores. Chocolate factory Wohlfarth, Stroller brand Bugaboo, and the online shop for delicacies Taste & Stories, are among the new names added to the array of pop-up stores housed by the concept mall.

 There are also some stores that are coming back by renewing their rental contracts, which can only mean one thing: Bikini concept mall is good for their business.

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