Orderbird and Airfy Get Together and Step Up the Game for Small Businesses with New and Clever WiFi Hotspots

Berlin: There are fewer and fewer people who do not use their smartphones or other mobile devices to replace mundane activities that used to be tributary to the analogue world. Smartphones are not just for talking or texting; they are designed to go online and they can also serve as a mobile wallet from which no one can actually steal your cash. With the takeoff of mobile technologies, the need for faster, sleeker, more secure Internet has appeared.

This is the reason why Orderbird, the known iPad POS system now used by many bars and restaurants for taking order from clients, decided to get together with Airfy, the Berlin startup famous for its crowdfunding campaign for making the world’s “sexiest WiFi router”, as it was described by John Biggs from TechCrunch. Their purpose is to install WiFi hotspots in businesses operating in the hospitality field, from restaurants and hotels to bars and eateries.

Airfy povides WIFI solutions for SME's

Airfy povides WIFI solutions for SME's

The advantage for small businesses is great; they can basically offer superior WiFi features to customers, and become more attractive as a result. Airfy is getting all the legal and security issues posed by the use of WLAN out of the way, while Orderbird takes care of the mobile payment aspect. Basically, customers will be able to use their smartphones to place their orders that will be transmitted via WiFi to the bartender or the kitchen, and pay for them, as well.

This is the next step for Airfy, after offering the world a new and improved version of a WiFi router that can easily serve as an embellishment to any new business.