iBeacon Hackathon Amsterdam: the results

Last weekend (august 23rd and 24th ) the ibeacon hackathon took place in Amsterdam. Teams were challenged to think of useful applications for iBeacon technologies. These were the results: 

Billboard stories

The winner Billboard stories: personalizing apps

The winner Billboard stories: personalizing apps

The first price was for the team Billboard stories. They want to use the iBeacon technology for personalizing ads. By placing a beacon next to a billboard, it recognizes people who pass by (based on app settings). With this information, a personalized ad can be shown.

In their presentation, the team gave an example of a youg man who is shown a Heineken ad. When he meets his friend the billboard show a Tesla ad. A group of women pass by and the ad turns in that  of a shoesellers. This to illustrate the ‘democratic’ principle: ads are shown based on the majority of preferences in a crowd.

Despite of the used stereotypes of user preferences, the idea is nice as it has a clear focus on user preferences, where traditional outdoor marketing is not able to do this. Question is whether people really want to fill in their preferences and share these.

Ice Breacon

The second price was for an app that wants to help people to break the ice in social gatherings. Users can find out if there are people with similar interests. If they both click on the ‘Let’s break the ice’ button, the app will tell them how far they’re apart from each other so they can meet for real. The thought behind the application is that people would find it easier to connect, because they would be on the same page already.

Allthough not intended for this purpose, this could be the perfect feature for a dating app. Let’s see if it’s picked up by the industry.


The third price went to the Minusplusminus team that wants to use beacons to stream video to people who are near them.

Offcourse this will only work as soon as users will give access to the app to play. videos on it. Added value could be in meetings and business presentations. It remains unclear though if the beacon’s flash memory can really be used to stream video’s  


Some other noticeable presentations: Social graffiti lets you leave messages for other people who pass by a certain beacon. Team ‘Art Wisperer, had a plan for museums: to turn your phone into an audio guide, responsive to your location.