Contagt Combines NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy For Indoor- Navigation

Iphone screen shots

Mannheim, Germany: “World’s simplest Indoor-navigation” this is how Contagt describes its own Location based solution. The Mannheim-based Start-up, uses NFC-Bluetooth Hybrid Beacons to facilitate in-door navigation.

By activating NFC-Tags with their Smartphone, users are navigated through a building. “Because of the combination of NFC and Bluetooth, we can locate people with up to 1 meter precision, also in places where GPS satellite location is lacking.”

“The tags and Hybrid Beacons make the system visible within buildings: users activate the navigation, without being spammed with unwanted Push messages", says Contagt CEO Johannes Britsch and adds: “ The Contagt app for Android, is fully NFC-compatible. This year we will also add NFC services for IOS app”, thus responding to Apple’s decision to support NFC.

“ We are convinced that NFC will be the leading Short-distance data exchange protocol. The technology will fundamentally people’s experience within buildings, says Stephan Brandt. The indoor guide will facilitate simple navigation, like people know that from their car navigation". Last July Cotagt received a 6 figure sum of growth investmenst from the Institute for Economic Development Mannheim.This money should at least guarantee the implementation of the hybrid technique.