Dutch Company InBeacon Brings Apple Pay to Europe

Amsterdam: With Apple releasing Apple Pay, its new mobile payment option last week, it is quite obvious that the world waits for the new gimmick to revolutionize the way we pay for things, just the way iTunes and the iPod changed the way we listen to music years ago.

While the system is already being implemented by large companies in the US like Disney and Starbucks in the US, Europe needs to wait until at least 2015, before it can use Apple. However, the industry is getting ready for Apple Pay  

A Dutch company called InBeacon intends to close the gap between the consumers’ online and offline existence by implementing the Apple Pay solution with beacon technology. Using a clever system of micro-locating a customer whole they walk through a store (via iBeacon), and the ability for the said consumer to pay using Apple Pay, regardless of how far from the registry they are, InBeacon puts its shoulder to changing our shopping experience from the ground up.

At this point, the rumor starts to become reality, as one of InBeacon’s founders, Remco Bron, declared recently that they see Apple Pay in connection with the iBeacon technology, as being the next logical step for making shopping more convenient for consumers, as well as environmentally safe.

A clear date for the release of the system in the Netherlands has yet to be announced, but no later than October, Dutch consumers may just find a new way to shop for goods at important brand name stores.