Half a Million Euros for Bitstars, 3D for all

Aachen, Germany: The ‘Gründerfonds’, the venture capital investment fund for start-ups in Europe, recently invested 500.000 Euros to help Bitstars, a small IT company located in Aachen, Germany, get off the ground with their idea that will help people with no previous experience in 3D technology to create their own augmented reality tools.

With the advent of smartphones and other mobile devices, transfer of expertise and knowledge is carried much faster. Bitstars intends to take things further, by implementing special tools, available on such devices that will use 3D technology to explain, show and teach.

Their ARMRO editor is easy to use by anybody for creating 3D web, augmented reality and virtual reality content. From creating virtual worlds to enhancing reality with pictures, videos and texts, the new tool is expected to be used for training and presentations. Interactive applications are also expected to stem from this tool, to help workers understand how machines work, overlay information and offer proper training.

Bitstars’s founders, Simon Heinen and Mostafa Akbari, intend to expand their staff with the help of the new investment. Also, development of new tools dedicated to sales and marketing is on their list for upcoming years.