Rakuten allows Spanish shops to sell abroad

Editor’s note: Inez Ramirez is a CEO and co-founder of Furnit-U, a collaborative design platform for furniture and decoration in SpainThis post was published earlier on her Spanish blog

Rakuten.es website

Rakuten.es website

Spain: Rakuten, is one of the biggest online market places that allows companies to sell  products online over their platform . They came to Spain a year ago and while celebrating their first year anniversary in Spain with some 600 registered companies on their platform and a catalogue containing more than 1 million products, they decided to adjust their strategy for our country. They announced that from 2015, Spanish companies that sell on their platform, will also be allowed to sell outside of Spain on other European Rakuten websites: in France, Austria, Germany and in the UK.

Another major market place, Alibaba made the same step earlier by allowing their users to choose in which countries to sell their products, which facilitated many small shops to  immediately internationalize their business at very low costs; a true opportunity.

The question is whether Rakuten will also allow shops to sell to other countries like the US, Brasil or Malasia where it also provides its services.