Short News September 19th: H&M Spain, Rewe acquires CommerceTools, So Wifi in Germany

H&M’s online store expects to earn 90 million euros in 2016 in Spain 

Madrid, Spain: On august 21st H&M opened their online store in Spain, now being the third market where the Swedish company opened up an online shop (after the US and France). Although many saw it as a strike again Spanish textile giant Zara, the truth is that the H&M’s roadmap for Spain an ambitious one. Sources told E-commerce News, that according to the brand’s strategic plan the company  expects to earn 90 million euros over 2016, which would be their second full fiscal year in Spain. Although this figure may seem excessive, it would be parallel to Zara’s development.

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Rewe Digital acquires Commercetools

Rewe Digital, part of the well known German Supermarket Chain, announced it acquired Software firm Commercetools. The latter, a start-up with branches in Munich and Berlin is an E-commerce specialist. Financial details of the deal have not bean disclosed. 

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"So Wifi" wants to combine WIFI with Beacon technology

So Wifi The start-up that was founded in Amsterdam in 2012, will be launched in Germany as well and offers the possibility of a legally secure wifi in bars, cafes and restaurants. “Effortlessly more clients with social WiFi” it says on their website. Users do not login with a password, but with their social media accounts or with their email addresses. With a ‘like’ or a check-in at the location, they’ll receive access to the WIFI-network. “For restaurants it will be very interesting to provide free wifi because they’ll receive likes, which exposes their posts to a bigger audience and their check-ins will count as positive ratings” says  Raban Kiwitt who has been building up So Wifi in Germany.

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