Amazon in a Hurry to Enter Dutch e-Book Market

Amsterdam: Amazon, the largest international online bookseller, is in a hurry entering the Dutch market. At least that is the impression that several Dutch publishers get after Amazon recently making them proposals for the delivery of e-books. No one knows exactly when Amazon wants to start, but it certainly seems they are in an hurry. 

According to news platform NRCQ one Dutch publisher already signed a contract with Amazon. Others are still under negotiation. Martin Voigt, commercial manager of publisher ‘Nieuw Amsterdam’ said to the newspaper: "I ot a three to four calls  in the last few weeks time from Amazon’s European headquarters in Luxembourg, asking me if I had any questions. To us the Amazons terms are unacceptable. Moreover, we’re not in a hurry. "

According to Voigt, Amazon tries want to bargain a very high purchasing discount. He is not clear about what percentage of the sale price that is . but adds that Amazon simply ignores the fact that e-book sales  in The Netherlands are imposed  a high VAT (21% , compared to 6 % for paper books). Publishers are already earning less selling e-books than selling paper version. 

In other european countries both Publishers and Authors protested against Amazon's policies.