New credit lending platform Spotcap for SME's in Spain

Madrid, Berlin: Rocket Internet continues its focus on FinTech and launches Spotcap. The new online loan platform, that will be launched in Spain first ,will provide"rapid and flexible financing for SMEs".

The application process for these loans (from 500 to 50.000 euros ) should  not take longer than 5 minutes, according to the Spotcap’s advertisements.: one’s credit-worthiness is checked  with a so-called scoring technology that will evaluate the data online that the applicant provides online. Where the lending money comes from has not been disclosed by the company so far.

Loan application made easy: 1 register online, 2 check if your credit worthiness, 3) make your business grow

A similar test concept was developed by the Hamburg Startup Kreditech, which was funded by the Samwer Global Fund Founders Capital.

Spotcap will be managed from the Berlin head quarters, by its founders Toby Triebel and JensWoloszcak and by Managing Director Pablo Pastega, In Germany


Vexcash spinoff Kreditup, has offered a similar service since 2013. This Berlin based company offers short-term loans between 1,000 and 10,000 euros to self-employed and entrepreneurs

Zencap and Lendico

Rocket itself has already been active with another credit platform for SME’s  since March of this year: Zencap. In this so called peer-to-peer (P2P) credit  intermediary, borrwowers can choose to participate in projects ranging from 10,000 to 150,000 euros and invest in private investors starting from 100 euros loans. For private loans Rocket launched, the P2P platform Lendico.

The Lendico Team 

The Lendico Team 

Both Zencap and Lendico joined forces under the umbrella  of ‘Deutsche Kreditmarktplätze’ (German credit market places) in May of this year, but will continue to operate independently.