RTL Couverts Consolidates Its Market Position by Acquiring Dinnersite

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: People nowadays are using online tools to purchase goods, book flights, hotel rooms, and get reservations at restaurants, without having to go through the hassle of booking over the phone. Cutting the red tape is the main argument why so many customers prefer this business model over the traditional ways of booking a ticket or a place at a restaurant. Many prefer using an app on their smartphone to solve all these issues, and it is not by accident that the biggest players on the market are expanding and consolidating their positions through mergers and acquisitions. In the world of booking reservations at restaurants, the latest move was made by Couverts, an online reservation portal from RTL Ventures that has just acquired Dinnersite, the biggest online guide for restaurants in the Netherlands.

Who are Couverts and Dinnersite?

Couverts was acquired by RTL Ventures in 2010, and, since then, the brand has known quite an impressive evolution. According to Nicolas Eglau, the managing director at RTL Nederland, the acquisition was a very good move for the big player, as Couverts went straight to becoming the number one booking site for reservations at restaurants. However, the sky seems to be the limit for the people running RTL Ventures, and they want to diversify their portfolio.

Dinnersite, on the other hand, is appreciated as being the most important restaurant review guide in the Netherlands. In other words, Dinnersite is the go to place for consumers wanting to learn more about the place where they will be going to dine.

Two complementary brands under the same umbrella

Couverts had known an incredible growth under the caring hand of RTL Ventures during the last years, the number of restaurants available for booking reservations through the portal going from 1,100 in 2013, to 2024, in 2014. The trend is positive, as well, and RTL Ventures expects even more growth.

What Dinnersite brings to the table is 988 more restaurants that will become bookable through Couverts.

Why does Couverts need Dinnersite?

The two brands now owned by RTL Ventures are complementary in nature. The most important are probably, cold hard facts. With over 3,000 bookable restaurants under its belt, Couverts won’t have to face any harsh competition anytime soon. Plus, with the readily availability of reviews written by users, via Dinnersite, consumers will have every motivation to use Couverts over any other service.

In the web 2.0 era we live in, other people’s opinions are very important and they will continue to be so. Couverts consolidates its position on the market by acquiring the review site. Even more, there is a capital of trust that Dinnersite brings over, as the website exists from 1996 and has evolved ever since, making a good impression and building a solid reputation with restaurant goers in the Netherlands.

Details on the financial aspects of the deal were not disclosed to the general public. What is known is that Dinnersite gets to maintain its brand and function, a clear sign that RTL Ventures is interested in offering more services to customers, besides booking reservations.