Cavacave: a Game Changer for Wine Lovers everywhere

- by Lottie Atkin

One of the most common first world problems for adults in the 21st century is where to find a decent bottle of wine. There are so many factors to take into considerations - price, value for money, quality, age and location. Wine ‘snobs’ everywhere are constantly looking for new ways to get their hands on unique and luxury wines that will make them stand out from everyone else at their dinner parties.

Wine Auction Page 

Wine Auction Page 

Stéphane Deubel, founder of Cavacave, has made this possible. Cavacave is a human market place for wine lovers. It is a fresh on the market luxury service where you can access one of the largest private wine cellars, where you can find or sell vintage wines that are almost forgotten. It specializes in rare bottles and exceptional French wines, offering three types of service together on a free platform. It connects buyers and wine sellers from all over the world. ‘Buyers are mostly international.’ Deubel says. ‘Hong Kong, Russia, Germany, England and The Netherlands are our top destination.’

The process of Cavacave is a simple one - the seller creates an account where they can describe in detail the characteristics of their bottle of wine, such as age, price, traceability, domain and location. Any interested buyer pays for the bottle and receives the bottle in person or by delivery. ‘We have sold around 4,000 bottles with an average of €243.60 per transaction.’ Deubler confirms.

To step up it’s unique game, Cavacave also offers an online auction service which is dedicated to rare and exceptional wines and spirits. It can include over a hundred lots distributed over auction rooms, some lasting ten days. In the auction rooms you can find several different rare wines, such as bottles of Chateaux Sénéjac - Haut Médoc, dating from 1945.

Due to it’s new and unique partnership with WineForecasts®, Cavacave is able to ensure the quality of available bottles and a wide sourcing of wines. As a completely new concept to the retail market it ensures that each client receives a completely unique and personal wine experience. ‘Some bottles are very rare.’ Debeul says. ‘For some, just 2-3 bottles exist in the world.’

Are you looking for a unique factor or looking to impress your friends for your next dinner party or wine tasting session? Head over to for your rare bottle of wine!