Erdbär wants kids to fall in love with fruits and vegetables

- by Lottie Atkin

German start up company Erdbär wanted to make fruit and vegetables tasty and appealing for children, and created a new product under the name of Freche Fruende (literally translated as ‘Naughty Friends). Not only do founders, married couple Alexaner and Natacha Neumann, want to get children to love their fruits and vegetables again, but they also want to make the buying of such products quick, convenient and immediate. Think Hello Fresh! combined with Graze, but purely for children. The Freche Freunde snacks are all made of fruit and vegetables, and all ingredients are 100% organic. Freche Freunde offer a choice of fun, colourful and easy snacks without any additives. They are ideal for taking out and about, and can be ordered on online supermarket websites.

Erdbär founders: Natascha and Alex Neumann, together wit their son Dylan

Erdbär founders: Natascha and Alex Neumann, together wit their son Dylan

What makes this product unique is that the snacks come in a variety of forms, from smoothies in squeezy pouches to fruit and veg crisps, to cereal bars, vegetable noodles and mini snack boxes. As well as this, all of the products contain pictures of fruits and vegetables decorated with ‘googly eyes’, making them come to life and children want to eat them. The foods also have names, such as Carl Carrot and Suzi Strawberry. This makes the product really appealing to children - it’s a fun way to enjoy what for them is a not-so-fun food.

Freche Freunde introduction movie (in German) 

In order to produce the food, the couple invested all their life savings, amongst other things, and launched a pension fund to buy packaging. In addition this, they asked their friends to help with a crowdfunding campaign and raised a further 250,000 euros, a goal which they reached in eight hours.