Ford ensures you get a good night’s sleep

Parents across the world are constantly trying to figure out new ways to make their baby sleep easier and longer. It seems an emerging pattern would be that babies sleep soundly and without disturbance when on a long car journey – which adults might find too! The gentle vibrating and rocking of the car has been proven to soothe people into a gentle lull, but what if there was a way to recreate this sensation for babies when they’re not in a car?

The endless sleepless nights of driving up and down the same road for hours trying to get your baby to fall asleep may be over. Ford España has come up with a brand-new concept that could completely transform the life of parents for new born babies. Designers and manufacturers have been working hard alongside each other to create the brand-new Ford Max Motor Dreams, a new kind of baby crib designed to recreate the sensations of a moving car to help babies sleep better and longer. The crib has been designed as a comfortable, rectangular shaped bed, with a moving base that recreates the moving feeling of a car when the baby lies on it, and comes with a suppressed gentle engine sound and even comes with built in LED lights that simulate street lights, making the baby really feel as if it’s in a moving car. It’s built in technology with the new Ford S-Max makes so that it can accurately track your car’s sound and movement and reproduce it for the crib, creating a personal experience for both the parent and the baby.

Now babies will sleep at home the same way they sleep in a car. A unique crib reproduces your car's movements and sounds and reproduce them. Do you want one? 👉

Though it appears to be a very new concept, and not yet on the market to the rest of the world, the Spanish advert states that it is ‘simply magical.’ ‘The most important aspect was the baby’s safety and comfort, which we’ve achieved by creating the horizontal position.’ One of the product managers says in the video. ‘We’ve worked with rounded shapes inspired by some of Ford’s most iconic models.’ Another project manager adds: ‘Working on a type of project like this with a long development time represents not only a technical challenge but also a creative one.’

Is this the start of an easier future for parents? More information on the Ford Max Motor Dreams is yet to come, but it has already captured the interest of thousands of parents world-wide, desperate to get their hands on this latest gadget.