The succes of Dean&David: Healthy Food for the Go

If you live in German, Austria or Switzerland, you are probably familiar with the Dean&David restaurants. This is a company that started as the first salad bar in Munich back in 2007. Nowadays, it is the most successful healthy fast food franchise in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Everything began in 2005, when its founder, David Baumgartner, went on a long trip around the world, being the USA, Australia and Asia the most remarkable places for what he was planning to do. What he found in those countries was a quick access to healthy food that was also available anywhere.

It was something that he could not find in Germany back then, so when he came back to Munich, he created Dean&David. At the beginning, he had little to no rest from work since he was the one cutting vegetables, the one cleaning the floor and tables, and the one in charge of financial niches and organizing working schedules.

A dream come true

10 years later, what started as David Baumgartner’s dream is now a fact. Actually, he has opened almost 50 franchises in German-speaking countries, and nowadays he is working on placing more franchises in the United Arab Emirates and Austria.

 This company’s concept is simple to understand yet not-that-simple to develop. Its goal is to significantly change the conventional way in which people eat fast food by giving them a green alternative: vegetables.We all know that most places offer a lot of junk food filled with trans-fat, cholesterol and sugar. What Dean&David brought to the table – literally and metaphorically – was the first salad bar that gives you the opportunity to create your own meal with the freshest ingredients.

Dean & David Locations Germany, Switzerland, Austria 

Dean & David Locations Germany, Switzerland, Austria 

Eye for detail

However, chopped vegetables and fancy salad dressings are not the only thing that David has to offer. He brought the Australian way of making fresh juices and smoothies, and learned from Asia how to prepare spicy and delicious Thai soups and curries. In other words, in Dean&david you can find a genuine mix of a healthy pleasure.

People always wonder about companies’ success secret. Davis’s secret was paying attention to every single detail. For that reason, his company and franchises cook only with the freshest ingredients on the market that are rich in vitamins and minerals, and with no flavor enhancers. 

Choice is everything

Among its most relevant characteristics you can find that they categorize the food according to people that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or lactose free; they explain the nutritional values of what you are ordering; and they let you create your salad by giving the option to select its size, the basics, a “premium extra”, and the dressing.

Nevertheless, people who are not quite into the salad mood, can always try one of their sandwiches, curries, soups, juices, smoothies, teas or coffees. They can be 100% sure that anything made by this company will not have unnecessary calories.

bag of vegetables .jpg

To sum up, what Dean&David offers is simple: high quality, fresh, healthy and delicious fast meals filled with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are also low in fat, low in sugar and salt.

What's next? 

The company is currently preparing for the next step: next to providing food in the bars, they will soon open an online shop that will deliver the green goodies, right into people's homes.