Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn switching to electronic shelf labels

Dutch leading supermarket chain Albert Heijn, started rolling out electronic shelf labels (ESL’s) last week on a large scale in the stores that have the ‘Echt vers’ (real fresh) formula. "All stores with the newest store formula will be equipped with the new shelf labels. At the end of this year there will be around 150 ", said Anoesjka Aspeslagh to Distrifood magazine.

ESLs Albert Heijn .jpg

ESL also for franchisers

Albert Heijn’s Franchise stores have also been invited to join the new program. "We have indeed surveyed the interest of franchisers. There is a great deal of interest among them. "This is a considerable investment," says franchisor Jacco Kat in Den Helder. "I expect that I have to spend more than hundred thousand euros to have them installed, I still have to think whether I am willing to do that. "

Customers always get the right price

According to AH, the electronic shelf cards offer many advantages. For example, they ensure that customers always see the right price. "They can also simplify certain processes within the store, such as keeping track of the inventory. We also see opportunities to expand services for customers through the electronic shelf cards. "

New shelf labels for dynamic pricing

Products are automatically lowered there if they are closer to the date. The shelf labels that AH is currently rolling out en masse are also suitable for this, according to Aspeslagh.