Amazon plans to enter European Market

Amazon has been a busy little bee lately, with new trademarks being registered in the US for the e-commerce giant. Amazon Fashion, Amazon Lending and Made for Amazon are three trademarks recently registered in the States, and now Amazon plans to do the same thing in Europe.

On October 22, Amazon deposited the needed papers to the European trademark registry for the above mentioned trademarks, which can only mean one thing: after establishing a solid position back home, the e-commerce platforms intends to do a repeat performance on the European markets.

In the case of Amazon Fashion, the company will create a separate website where clothes, clothing accessories, shoes and jewelry will be sold. The website will follow the same pattern, with customers’ reviews and comments on what’s trendy and what’s not.

There is nothing unusual for Amazon to take over markets in this manner. In the US, to consolidate its position, the company acquired and, both enjoying a lot of popularity among consumers looking for fashionable shoes.

Europe will most probably follow India’s example. In India, Amazon is an active competitor against Flipkart Muntra, the biggest fashion seller in the country.

Amazon Lending is a service that allows Amazon customers to use a credit line opened with the platform in order to acquire various items.

Made for Amazon is a bit of a mystery for now, but it appears to refer to tablets, smartphones and other mobile accessories that will be created by manufacturers especially for Amazon.