#riseandshine: Wake up with Hipster Coffee

Everywhere you look, restaurants, catering services and retail organisations appear to be doing their absolute best to 'hipster'-ize everything. From serving food in shoes or using a shovel as a plate, to pouring alcoholic beverages in test tubes or creating latte art - anything to let millennials capture that perfect Instagram worthy picture. 

The younger generation of 2017 appear to jump through hoops to get their hands on the latest unique product to give their life a little edge. When scrolling through the popular pages of every social media platform, you'll find an aerial view photograph of a beauty blogger hugging a cup of coffee alongside a bowl of fruit and oats, captioned #riseandshine #blessed. So what happens when you can up your game with the perfect, 21st century must have?

Anyone who is anyone is desperate to get their hands on the Barisieur, the latest must have technology that allows you to wake up every morning to freshly brewed coffee. Designer Joshua Renouf has developed an alarm clock that starts the process of preparing your morning coffee before you even get out bed. The dream, right? Using induction heating and stainless steel ball bearings, the Barisieur boils the water over the coffee grounds, given off the aroma of your favourite beans to start your day off right. There's even a cooled slot for a spot of milk and storage for sugar and extra ground. All you have to do is load up the unit before you go to bed and sleep soundly with the knowledge that there will be a delicious cup of coffee waiting for you when you wake up.

Though there's only one model for now, Renouf has started a Kickstarter campaign and plans are in motion to produce the alarm clock that's set to retail for £150 to £250.