Polish 3D Printer startup announces the on-site sales of Their 3D Printers

Poland: Zortrax, one of the first Polish 3D printer startup announced that they will be selling their 3D printers on-site in an outlet called Z-Store, starting in October.  It will be the first time in Poland that 3D printers will be sold on-site on the Polish market and one of the first in Europe.   Zortrax is cooperating with the 3D printing community organizer, Materialination in Krakow who will act as a retail outlet of printers and will also act as a showroom.  This point of sales will not only be a place where you can get printers, filaments, and parts, it will also act as a education center and exhibition center showcasing the possibilities of 3D printing.  Workshops will be offered as well as possibility to do some rapid prototyping of your ideas.  This news is coming on the heels of Makerbot announcing that they will be selling their 3D printers in Home Depot.   


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