FoodNotify: A Hassle-Free Food Service

- by  Lottie Atkin

What happens when you find the ideal recipe to fit your ingredients, time limit and cravings – but you have no idea where to start when it comes to breaking down the nutritional values, additives and potentially allergy hazards? What is delicious for some can become seriously dangerous for someone else. Peanuts, shellfish and soya contain one of the fourteen worst allergies, and one of the most frequent triggers for allergies and intolerances. This can become a huge headache for manufacturers, who must therefore specify exactly what is present in their products according to the European packaging laws.

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Consumers Will Be Able to Receive Their Food Orders from Rewe Billa in Secure Lockboxes

Vienna, Austria: Food delivery is a somewhat thorny issue for supermarket chains, distributors and consumers alike. While anyone likes the idea of having their groceries delivered right at their door steps, no one is fond of the fact that they need to be at home when the distributor arrives.

Rewe, the owner of Billa supermarkets, has a better idea. It allows anyone ordering their food from supermarket chains located in Vienna and Linz, to have it delivered to their doors, but locked in a special box that ensures that the food will not become spoilt.

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Beacon case: Museums Enter the Beacon Era with Oroundo Mobile

Vienna: Museums are often seen as places where you move around quietly admiring vestiges from times past. While nothing has changed regarding the proper etiquette when visiting museums, how you find your way around is ready to enter a new era.

Oroundo Mobile, together with a group of visual artists, self entitled Vienna Secession, has just implemented a beacon system inside the Museum of Contemporary Art to help visitors find their preferred exhibits while receiving information directly on their smartphones, via an app called Kulturapp.

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