Contagt Combines NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy For Indoor- Navigation

Mannheim, Germany: “World’s simplest Indoor-navigation” this is how Contagt describes its own Location based solution. The Mannheim-based Start-up, uses NFC-Bluetooth Hybrid Beacons to facilitate in-door navigation.

By activating NFC-Tags with their Smartphone, users are navigated through a building. “Because of the combination of NFC and Bluetooth, we can locate people with up to 1 meter precision, also in places where GPS satellite location is lacking.”

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Phillips Intelligent Lighting System to outperform iBeacons?

Eindhoven, the Netherlands: Whenever a new technology is born, competitors appear right away. At least this is the case with iBeacon and the ‘nearable’ devices already stemmed from the opportunities offered. The first competitor to iBeacon seems to be Philips, the company recently presenting an intelligent lighting system at an innovation showcase held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

How does Philips want to compete with iBeacon? The lighting system is created in such a manner that it can transmit information on people’s smartphones, as they walk around shops, museums, or office buildings. The purpose of the new technology is to enhance customers’ shopping experience, by showing exactly where certain areas of interest are, or providing them with the latest offers.

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Carrefour launches mobile app to guide you to your shopping list, literally!

Paris: French retail giant Carrefour has launched two new services that are trending and are designed to make the shopping experience at the hypermarkets more than just shopping.

The first one is the revolutionary C-ou mobile app which offers in-house geo location services with the help of low energy beacons of Bluetooth signals. Currently this new piece of technology is being tested at its flagship store Villeneuve La Garenne, northwest of Paris.

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Mannequins talk to customers in London (through iBeacon)

London: Window shopping is ready to take on a new meaning as technology infiltrates brick and mortar stores where high fashion is being displayed. With more and more shoppers carrying their purchases online, even important retailers and fashion based businesses are facing a challenge. What to do when your tech savvy customer is walking by your attractive store windows without sparing even as little as a glance? A British start-up named Iconeme is solving the conundrum for important retail names, like House of Fraser, Hawes & Curtis and Bentalls, with a smart and tiny app that connects customers with their favorite high street fashion stores in a sci-fi manner.

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iBeacon Technology Gets More Traction in Europe and the US, with Bookatable and Shopkick Jumping the Bandwagon

iBeacon technology may have started as a fad for geekish entrepreneurs, but more and more businesses start seeing the potential for growth the novelty has to offer. In simple terms, this technology is based on making the connection between transmitters called beacons, operating on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), and smartphones, via equally smart applications.

In the US, Shopkick has spread over 7,500 such beacons in retail shops across the country, while in Europe, Bookatable is taking an experiment carried on during the London Restaurant Festival to the next level. The online platform aims at connecting smartphone users with the eateries encountered in their path, through the transmission of special offers, features and other extras that may attract consumers to restaurants.

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Exklusiv München Helps Smartphone Users Gain Information and Instant Access to Hip Locations via Beacon Technology

Munich, Germany: Exclusiv München has just taken technology coverage in Munich a bit further, combining the information that is usually provided through their lifestyle magazine with beacon technology. Their app allows users to receive information on shops, restaurants, galleries and museums as they walk around the city, in search of something interesting to do or see. What Exklusiv München aims for is better coverage for their app and the technology involved, and their efforts are targeted on getting more local businesses to join the system.

According to the magazine’s representatives, the app has already been downloaded over 10,000 times and expansion is underway. Any local business can rent a beacon transmitter for 75 Euros monthly, and, in exchange, users of the app can be attracted to the stores and shops with special offers.

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iBeacons for Directories: German Yellow Pages' App Update

Frankfurt, Germany: Beacon technology seems to be here to stay, as more and more businesses are running tests to experiment with the new way of attracting customers living in a digital era to brick and mortar venues in the real world. The last to jump the band wagon seems to be the German Yellow Pages that has recently updated the directory’s apps for all devices, to prepare the upcoming implementation of ibeacon.

The last previous major update for the German Yellow Pages apps was operated in February 2014. In their quest of offering a solid experience to end users, the directory is trying to make more up to date information available, so that users are not mislead in regards to where certain businesses or venues are located and what they offer.

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French shopping centre uses ibeacons to help retailers attract customers

Les Terrasses du Port, a new 480-hectare shopping centre in the French city of Marseille, has installed Europe’s largest network of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, enabling retailers such as Zara and H&M to deliver promotional offers and information straight to shoppers’ smartphones.

The 250 Bluloc beacons have been supplied by German technology provider match2blue. The content management system used by retailers to deliver offers and the mobile app used by shoppers have also been supplied by match2blue.

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iBeacon Technology for the Hotel Industry - Provided by GuestDriven and Estimote

GuestDriven, a leading hospitality mobile solution provider, today announced a partnership with Estimote, developer of Beacon sensors, to deliver iBeacon technology to the hotel industry. Growth forecasts put beacon installs across all industries at 5 million within the next four years, for a 287 percent increase. GuestDriven and Estimote are the first mobile technology providers to deliver iBeacon technology to independent hoteliers throughout North America. Guests opting in to the Beacon push notifications can access these messages from both iOS and Android devices.

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Paying with ibeacons in Turkish restaurants

Istanbul, Turkey: Diners at Turkish restaurant Olivia’s Pizzeria have become the first in the country to be able to use their BKM Express digital wallet to pay for their meals with their mobile phone.

BKM has partnered with venue discovery platform Mekanist for the service and the partners now plan to expand the service to restaurants across Turkey.

“The payment can be made in two different methods thanks to the merchant application, developed for Olivia’s Pizzeria,” BKM explains.

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iBeacon Case: Beacons in Norwich Buses provide Offers to passengers

Norwich, UK: Beacon technology is thought to be merely in an experimentation stage, which is why many companies are still trying to find its best uses, whether this means pure marketing or direct monetization. The direction chosen by FirstGroup, a transportation company in the UK, is to make people take the bus more often. What’s the catch?

With the help of Bluetooth Low Energy transmitters installed on the buses crossing Norwich up and down, left and right, the company hopes to determine people armed with smartphones to choose this type of public transportation over others. While they travel like this, these passengers will be able to receive special deals, coupons, discounts, and other types of loyalty rewards from various local brands.

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Beacon case: Museums Enter the Beacon Era with Oroundo Mobile

Vienna: Museums are often seen as places where you move around quietly admiring vestiges from times past. While nothing has changed regarding the proper etiquette when visiting museums, how you find your way around is ready to enter a new era.

Oroundo Mobile, together with a group of visual artists, self entitled Vienna Secession, has just implemented a beacon system inside the Museum of Contemporary Art to help visitors find their preferred exhibits while receiving information directly on their smartphones, via an app called Kulturapp.

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Beacon Case: treasure hunting in the city of Amsterdam

Beacon Case: treasure hunting in the city of Amsterdam

Social gifting app Treatz used the popular Sinterklaas event in Amsterdamto promote the use of their app: during the Saint Nicholas ‘intocht’, Treatz app users were able to take part in a treasure hunt. They received clues (ibeacon triggered push messages) on their Iphone that led them to places where presents were handed out. 

For Treatz it was the second time to employ beacons to promte their app . Earlier this year they took part in the Amsterdam shop route providing free beacons to participating shops. 

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Flora Holland Trade Fair Experiments with iBeacon – Offline Retails Businesses Made Personal Once More

The offline retail business is in suffering; with so much online shopping going on, it is clear that brick and mortar stores have taken a big hit. However, the situation is about to change, as the implementation of iBeacon technology in such real life stores can draw more visitors and link their online experience, ever present on their smartphones, with what is happening before their very eyes.

At least, this is what the most recent iBeacon experiment related to offline retail is trying to state. FloraHolland Trade Fair, held at the beginning of November in Aalsmeer, proved to be quite a surprising experience to visitors through the implementation of iBeacon technology.


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Galleries Lafayette will provide ‘omni-channel tailored recommendations” to shoppers

Paris: French department store Galeries Lafayette has invested in technology that allows it to up-sell and cross-sell shopper-specific merchandise to increase sales and average order value .

They work together on this with omnichannel personalisation vendor RichRelevance. Galeries Lafayette will now be able to use real-time data for presenting tailored recommendations to shoppers, both online and in-store.

It can also make use of specific shopper insights to target campaigns and promotions in real-time both online and offline.  Additionally, Galeries Lafayette will take the first step in personalising the in-store shopping experience by delivering product recommendations on tablets held by sales associates.

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Orderbird and Airfy Get Together and Step Up the Game for Small Businesses with New and Clever WiFi Hotspots

Berlin: There are fewer and fewer people who do not use their smartphones or other mobile devices to replace mundane activities that used to be tributary to the analogue world. Smartphones are not just for talking or texting; they are designed to go online and they can also serve as a mobile wallet from which no one can actually steal your cash. With the takeoff of mobile technologies, the need for faster, sleeker, more secure Internet has appeared.

This is the reason why Orderbird, the known iPad POS system now used by many bars and restaurants for taking order from clients, decided to get together with Airfy, the Berlin startup famous for its crowdfunding campaign for making the world’s “sexiest WiFi router”, as it was described by John Biggs from TechCrunch. Their purpose is to install WiFi hotspots in businesses operating in the hospitality field, from restaurants and hotels to bars and eateries.

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Shopkick Taps into the International Market by Expanding to Germany

Germany: Shopkick is already a sensation in the US, where the company has amassed one billion dollars in revenue from partnering with retailers, and helping customers enjoy a different, better shopping experience. Now, Shopkick is expanding to Germany, and it has partnered with names like Procter & Gamble, Media Markt, OBI, Karstadt, and Douglas.

The app with the same name is available for download to German consumers. The way this app works is based on beacon technology, and it powers a reward system with tremendous success in the US. Also called a ‘live in store’ reward system, the Shopkick app is pretty straightforward. Customers with the app active on their smatphones will receive points called kicks, each time they scan a product barcode they are interested in.

Shopkick is just starting to expand on the international market with the opening of their Berlin office. The same US based success is expected as a repeat performance in Europe as well. Since customers are drawn in stores and can receive rewards just for getting informed on products, it means that shops will be able to attract more visitors.

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French Mobile Couponing app Plyce raises €1.5 Million

Paris: Geo-localized mobile shopping networking Plyce announced to have raised €1.5 Million from Caloga & BpiFrance. The funding comes on top of a 2011 $850K seed round raised from Orkos Capital, Jaina Capital & others. Founded in 2010 by Bruno Massiet du Biest, Mickaël Arias & Paul Wourlod, the startup today has shifted focus towards “drive to store” on mobile, enabling mobile shoppers to order on the go.

 "Thanks to this money , we can now further develop our product as well as our business”, says Plyce  president Bruno Massiet du Biest. “We need to improve the customer experience, working on topics such as the iBeacon and NFC to ensure traceability of the coupon. The goal is to be able to trace the circuit of a coupon and be able to 'burn' this coupon, if  one and the same coupon can only be used once, "he explains. Three people will be recruited in the coming weeks: one to develop the back office and two commercial people.

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Ibeacon in Airports: Hamburg and Amsterdam (Cases)

Hamburg/ Amsterdam: Navigating an airport and boarding a flight can be a grueling experience. Instead of asking for directions left and right, when you know there are minutes before you should board, you should turn towards your trusted smartphone and see what it has to say. Of course, that if you happen to be in one of the – so far – few airports in the world where the beacon technology has arrived and is being implemented to make travelers’ experience nothing but a breeze. With Virgin Atlantic and easyJet breaking the ice in Europe with their innovative apps that help travelers navigate through airports such as Heathrow, Luton, Gatwick and Charles de Gaulle, it was only a matter of time until others would jump the bandwagon.

In Germany, a new startup called Yoints has just launched its beacon technology app in the Hamburg Airport, while at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines makes it easier for transfer flights to happen with a new navigation system.

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