Diapers.com to enter European Market

Diapers.com announced international shipping to as many as 67 countries.

Diapers.com, which is part of Quidsi, an Amazon Company, will provide its products in countries in Europe, North America and South America, Asia and Australia.

Consumers worldwide will have access to the webshops, known for their competitive shipping rates, easy customs clearance and a huge selection of American and European brands at a competitive price.

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Rocket Internet into same-day delivery

Berlin: later this year, Rocket Internet will launch its new venture Shopwings: as revealed by  the Berlin incubator  in its IPO prospectus, a platform for food shopping will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2014. The concept seems to be a platform that combines people who want need groceries, with people who are willing to buy and deliver it to them. 

Accordig to the prospectus, Shopwings is operated by a Luxemburg-based Holding, called Digital Services Holding XXI S.à r.l. The same holding also registred the Shopwings.com domain. Regitrant is Christoph Harsch, who also seems to be responsible for the German branch of Shopwings.

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