MainTool makes Classic Watches Smart

In the past five years or so in retail, one of the biggest trends to have gone viral are smartwatches, particularly those that measure our levels of fitness and exercise. From the Apple Watch to the Fitbit, fitness enthusiasts everywhere are obsessed with getting their hands on the latest gadget to improve their exercise and calorie intake.

But what happens when you want to combine fitness with fashion? A lot of the time, smartwatch wearers everywhere want to record their activity levels every single second of the day, meaning not just at the gym, but at work, dates, family events or just generally out and about. The problem with most smartwatch technology is that they’re so obvious - a big, bulky piece of technology strapped to your wrist, making everyone aware that you are wearing one. MainTool have created an ideal concept for both fitness and fashion lovers everywhere.

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DrexCode: the Italian Way of Curated Shopping

by Lottie Atkin

Fashion enthusiasts all over the world have faced this dilemma at least once - you have been invited to a formal dinner, a charity ball, an awards ceremony or a lavish event that requires an equally lavish outfit. You want to wear a beautiful and luxurious dress, but the event is not quite important enough to invest your life savings into an outfit. Besides, just like a wedding dress, you’re likely to only wear this once, so why would you take out a second mortgage just so you can impress your colleagues for just one evening? This is where Drexcode comes to the rescue.

Drexcode is an online platform for luxury clothing hire, and has recently closed a second round of financing for a cool half a million euros. It was founded in May 2014 bt Frederica Storace and Valeria Cambrea, two business women with more than ten years marketing experience behind them. The process is very simple thanks to their easy to use website. In four simple steps, a designer dress will land on your doorstep for your chosen occasion. First you register, then you choose your look and have it delivered. You wear the dress, feel fabulous and have UPS pick it up again for return as quickly as the morning after the night before. With additional free stylist advice, a free second size and a free refund within 24 hours policy, it is the ideal website for those looking to add a bit of designer style to their lives but aren’t quite ready to make the financial commitment yet.

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BriteShoes Lets Customers Design Their Own Footwear

Salamanca, Spain: “One size fits all” no longer satisfies customers who are looking for something closer to their needs and preferences. A trend called customization was born from this shift in the market, and now, a small startup from Salamanca, Spain, joins the club with a new initiative: customizing shoes in style, shape and size, so customers will never regret ordering their footwear online.

The shoes customized by BriteShoes use a 3D configurator to create the design the customer wants. From dangerously high heels to wacky ornaments and fancy colors, everything can be decided by the customer. The ultimate goal is to obtain a pair of unique, personalized shoes that the buyer will not see worn by someone else on the street.

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Zalando tests same-day delivery in Germany

European online fashion giant Zalando, is testing same-day delivery in Cologne and Berlin.

At this moment a randomly selected group of German clients, receives some sort of upgrade when they buy online: orders made before 4 pm, will be delivered beteween 7 and 9 pm of that same day.  The client will not be charged for the additional speed. 


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Munich, Germany: German online men’s shoe-retailer recently opened its second brick-and-mortar store in the city of Munich. Although their first store was opened in Berlin’s trendy Mitte neighbourhood, the new shop is located in Munich’s old and posh city center, which better fits the Brand’s classic character.     

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Succes story: My Little Paris – How a Simple Newsletter Can Be Turned into a Business with 14 Million Euros Profit

Content is the bread and butter of many marketers trying to make a living on the World Wide Web. But Fany Péchiodat, a young Parisian with a penchant for identifying the best of luxury shopping in the French capital, managed to do more than a living. She created a success story that can make any content marketer pale with envy. Her simple idea, first implemented in 2008, led to a fully fledged business that now has 14 million Euros profit for the last year. Her secret? A small newsletter written to friends to share secrets of the beloved Paris, its shopping, its venues, its sights and so on.


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Fashion Library Opens in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: The clothing industry is one of the biggest in the world. Employing millions of workers, and a large consumer of resources, it continuously makes an impact on the environment. Different solutions are emerging to make clothes more environmentally friendly, from garments created from recycled materials, to the brand new Fashion Library Lena recently opened on Westerstraat, in Amsterdam.

This is the first venue of the kind opened by Suzanne Smulders, one of the founders of the new clothing library. If this experiment proves to be a success, many others may emerge.

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Melijoe - design clothing for kids - receives New Investments to Expand Globally

Paris: Parents with a high sense of fashion do not have to settle for dressing their kids from regular stores. Melijoe, a luxury e-tailer for kids, started in 2007, by Nathalie Christen-Genty, makes it possible for these parents and their off-springs to shop in style.

What makes Melijoe different in a world full of e-commerce shops aiming to satisfy the most demanding tastes, even when it comes to kids? The e-tailer offers the same fashionista oriented experience as high street fashion magazines like Elle and Vogue offer for adults. Among the brands featured by Melijoe, Tartine et Chocolat, Cacharel for kids, and Burberry for kids, are a few of the many worth mentioning.

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Amazon plans to enter European Market

On October 22, Amazon deposited the needed papers to the European trademark registry for the above mentioned trademarks, which can only mean one thing: after establishing a solid position back home, the e-commerce platforms intends to do a repeat performance on the European markets.

In the case of Amazon Fashion, the company will create a separate website where clothes, clothing accessories, shoes and jewelry will be sold. The website will follow the same pattern, with customers’ reviews and comments on what’s trendy and what’s not

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Small Fashion Stores in Germany Get a Solid Online Future with Kleidoo

Hamburg, Germany: At first glance, Kleidoo seems to be a regular online marketplace for high street fashion, featuring items from famous brands and offering customers a wide range of fashionable wear. However, Kleidoo aims to be much more than this. Founded in 2012 by Aranga Rahim, the company aims at providing small fashion stores with an online identify to help them overcome extinction.

This is quite a sensitive matter when it comes to brick and mortar stores selling medium to high end fashion. The online environment is a competitive one, and small shops are threatened to be engulfed by the biggest players, as they do not have the same means to advertise and market their products.

Read More Aims at Becoming the Number One Destination for Male Shoppers

Paris: The fashion industry has seemingly always chased after the female shopper, as far as the online environment is concerned. This is something seeks to do differently, since their focus is on men only and how their shopping habits are different from women. There must be at least a few things is doing well, as in 2014, the portfolio of male fashion websites operated by the company has welcomed 17 million visitors, looking for more than 400 different brands, including the ones owned by Menlook (Menlook Label, SaintSens and Estime).

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Fashion TV Moves Online: RTL to Invest 107 Million Dollars in StyleHaul

The days of watching MTV on the good old fashioned screen in their bedroom may be over for many youngsters, but this does not mean they do not watch any video content at all. The evolution of mobile technologies switched young viewers from the aging TV set to their smartphones and tablets. Traditional TV broadcasters are now taking a leap of faith and start investing in video networks that basically supply on demand services for viewers. One such example is RTL Group that is planning to invest the staggering amount of 107 million dollars in StyleHaul, one of the most popular fashion channels on YouTube.

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First Fashion & Tech Week Paris

Located in the heart of Paris' Sentier quarter, NUMA, the flagship organism for all things innovation and digital, is taking advantage of Fashion Week Paris to promote relationships and enable fruitful discussions between the worlds of fashion and technology. Extraordinary experiences await, not to mention a first for Paris, which might just also become the new tech capital of the fashion world, or is it new fashion capital of the tech world...?

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Scarosso, the Warby Parker of shoes, ropes in 11M$ funding!

Berlin: Ever since Warby Parker's  (the provider of custom made glasses) succes story, Vertical integration, the business model where a company both makes and sells at the same time, has become the plan of choice. This is also proven by Scarosso that follows the same business model and has recently attracted the attention of many investors.

The Berlin company  has attracted investment from NEO Investment PartnersIBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft and DN Capital to help widen its presence internationally. With a claimed growth rate of 300% in 2013 alone, it’s not very hard to see its potential attraction amongst investors.

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Outfittery: the ultimate online shopping experience for men?

Berlin: Modern folklore is full of anecdotes about how much men hate shopping, even when they have to do it for themselves, and not just accompany their better halves through the aisles filled with shoes and clothes. The truth is, as experts say, men have a much shorter attention span than women when it comes to shopping, so for most of them choosing an outfit is a terrible chore that they would very much like to do without. Men’s shopping nightmares proved to be food for thought for two German entrepreneurs, Anna Alex and Julia Bosch, who, in 2011, decided to create an online curated shopping service for men and men only.

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