Savedo: a European market place for savings

Saving money at a bank hasn’t been that popular among consumers.  Apart from the fact that many alternatives for saving money have become available, yields on savings at the local bank don’t seem appealing to consumers anymore.

Saving abroad

It could very well be that a foreign bank offers a savings account with a better interest rate.  Most banks limit the availability of savings accounts to inhabitants of that country. Even within the European single market -that  seeks to guarantee the free movement of people, goods, services and capital-  it often proves difficult to open a foreign savings account.

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Amazon plans to enter European Market

On October 22, Amazon deposited the needed papers to the European trademark registry for the above mentioned trademarks, which can only mean one thing: after establishing a solid position back home, the e-commerce platforms intends to do a repeat performance on the European markets.

In the case of Amazon Fashion, the company will create a separate website where clothes, clothing accessories, shoes and jewelry will be sold. The website will follow the same pattern, with customers’ reviews and comments on what’s trendy and what’s not

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Rocket’s Credit Platform Spotcap Receives 13 million Euros for Its Expansion from Access Industries and Holtzbrinck

Berlin: The need for alternative financial solutions is there. As more and more people follow the path of entrepreneurship or self employment, they find that traditional credit solutions are out of their reach, which means only one thing: getting a loan, even a small one, can make a difference for this growing category of business owners.

This is what the credit platform Spotcap offers; so far, available only in Spain, the service provides small businesses and entrepreneurs with the chance to borrow any amount they want between 500 and 50,000 Euros. A project developed by the FinTech startup Rocket Internet, which also grew up in a business incubator sponsored by institutional investors, Spotcap hopes to contribute more to the development of small businesses.

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New credit lending platform Spotcap for SME's in Spain

Madrid, Berlin: Rocket Internet continues its focus on FinTech and launches Spotcap. The new online loan platform, that will be launched in Spain first ,will provide"rapid and flexible financing for SMEs".

The application process for these loans (from 500 to 50.000 euros ) should  not take longer than 5 minutes, according to the Spotcap’s advertisements.: one’s credit-worthiness is checked  with a so-called scoring technology that will evaluate the data online that the applicant provides online. Where the lending money comes from has not been disclosed by the company so far.

A similar test concept was developed by the Hamburg Startup Kreditech, which was funded by the Samwer Global Fund Founders Capital.

Spotcap will be managed from the Berlin head quarters, by its founders Toby Triebel and JensWoloszcak and by Managing Director Pablo Pastega, In Germany

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