Jakx - a smart wardrobe for small pubs

Anyone who ever visited a pub probably knows the feeling of not knowing where to put their coat , especially when it’s crowded and you need your hands to pay the bartender and to carry drinks back to your spot. And the pub’s coat hanger probably isn’t the most safe place to leave you jacket. This must have inspired the three guys that recently founded a startup called ‘Jakx’.  They developed a smart wardrobe after doing some extensive market research among owners of pubs neighbouring the Eindhoven University of Technology where they study…..

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The succes of Dean&David: Healthy Food for the Go

If you live in German, Austria or Switzerland, you are probably familiar with the Dean&David restaurants. This is a company that started as the first salad bar in Munich back in 2007. Nowadays, it is the most successful healthy fast food franchise in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Everything began in 2005, when its founder, David Baumgartner, went on a long trip around the world, being the USA, Australia and Asia the most remarkable places for what he was planning to do. What he found in those countries was a quick access to healthy food that was also available anywhere.

It was something that he could not find in Germany back then, so when he came back to Munich, he created Dean&David. At the beginning, he had little to no rest from work since he was the one cutting vegetables, the one cleaning the floor and tables, and the one in charge of financial niches and organizing working schedules.

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Green Guru’s: a win-win using the leftovers

Ever since the trend of startups has erupted, the life of a general human being has improved! Even though they are a bit tormenting for the planner and executors, they make life easier for the customers they are serving! One of such startups gaining momentum in Berlin is Green Guru’s. If you are someone who has decided to change your life and start living healthy, Green Guru is here for your help. We all know that taking the New Year’s resolution to live healthy is easy but actually implementing it is quite difficult. Now, who has the time and energy to sit and plan your meal and actually make all the healthy stuff? Also, a lot of people who have a full time job usually do not find spare time to make the healthy food items. Thus is when Green Guru comes to your assistance. It helps you in living a better life by providing you with the most delicious and well-made salads and smoothies!

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Smart drinking by Malibu

Never thought drinking booze lead to more smartness? Well it could. The bad news: the benefits are for the Pernod-Ricard Group, not for you. Pernod has recently equipped 45,000 of its Malibu bottles with a NFC chip. The test will run in until december 2016 in 1,600 Tesco supermarkets in the UK. 

How does it work? 

Consumers ‘touching' a bottle with an NFC-enabled smartphone, get acces to Malibu branded content. Pernod-Ricard claims that this is the largest global deployment ever of NFC on an alcoholic product. 

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European Food Innovation: Early Taste, Menu Next Door, NaturSnack

Early taste is a dedicated German breakfast delivery service. The company was founded in 2015 by Dominik Senk and Steffen Oldenburg (both 29).

Prices for a one person breakfast that can be ordered from their website range from 10- 14 euro per person.

Gruenderszene recently tested the service. Results: There is not a lot to choose from. The food is good and certainly worth waiting for (more than one hour). The prices are rather high compared to what you get for it.


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Cocktail Professor Helps Bars and Liquor Brands Reach the High Shelf

Amsterdam/The Netherlands: There is something intricately interesting and exciting about cocktails that people everywhere love. Some cocktail recipes are international, and they have traveled the world to be enriched by local flavors and evolve into new versions. A bartender’s skill, and even more, a venue’s reputation are strongly linked to how many cocktails are available on the menu, and, more often, their uniqueness and flavor.

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Restaurant discovery guide Zomato buys its way into Europe

Czech Republic: the 2008-founded company Zomato is working towards its promise of expanding to more and more countries beyond its birthplace, India. Having IAC-owned Urban Spoon, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Priceline-acquired Open Table as its competitors, Zomato is now making its prestigious presence felt in Eastern and central Europe.

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European Food Startups - Meal Kits Delivered to Your Door

Good food means tradition, but this does not mean that venture capitalists and innovative startups founders mind a bit of technology in their sandwich. With a European population more and more concerned with eating healthy, while cooking at home, new food startups pop everywhere like mushrooms after rain. Some offer quick delivery of meals, others offer meal kits (all the ingredients you need along with recipes), for a small fee. New names emerge, including the German startups Marley SpoonHello Fresh, and KptnCook. Berlin based businesses are not the only taking place at the table; Rocket Internet has also launched EatFirst, its fast food delivery app, in the City of London. On the other hand, FoodPanda, Rocket Internet’s fast delivery service, is grabbing all the attention and plenty of funds, while expanding on its traditional markets and beyond. Delivery Hero, one of the top international mobile food ordering providers, gets new funding, as well, and acquires pizza.de, the German market leader for pizza delivery.

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Zomato Expands to US and Australia, Aims to Feature over One Million Restaurants

Zomato is an online service dedicated to helping people discover great restaurants in their proximity. With its headquarters in India, the service has expanded gradually, aiming to establish itself as a global player on this particular niche.

On Zomato, you can find about restaurants near you, see their menus and learn more about their profiles. Trusted reviews are offered from reputable foodies, and the web 2.0 characteristics of the platform allow users to create their own food diaries and share their experiences with friends.

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TripAdvisor Makes a Stand in Europe by Acquiring IENS, a Dutch Restaurant Review Site

Amsterdam, the Netherlands: TripAdvisor may be a big name in the US, its home country, where it was among the first websites to consolidate its popularity by offering users the possibility to generate content on travel related issues, but in Europe, it still needs to make a stand. Without a doubt, a lot of US travelers choose to consult TripAdvisor on their travel choices, since there is so much user generated content on hotels, restaurants, sights and more that they would be hard pressed to find no information on what they are looking for. Nonetheless, TripAdvisor needs to up its game, and to do so, it has just acquired IENS, the well known Dutch restaurant review site. What is even more important for TripAdvisor, IENS comes in the same package with SeatMe.nl, a website dedicated to booking reservations at restaurants.

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Foodvibes Offers Delicacies with Background Stories, Launches New Website

Hamburg can be easily considered one of the biggest business incubators in Germany, as many startups begin here, only to expand all over Germany and then across Europe. FoodVibes is a new addition to the long lineup of small enterprises looking to offer consumers an alternative to the usual online shopping.

Healthy eating is the principle behind Foodvibes, a company started by Gordian Mansen, a Hamburg local with a master’s degree in International Business Administration and Management. Mansen speaks of long conversations with his mother who runs a pudding course as being his main inspiration for creating Food Vibes.

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RTL Couverts Consolidates Its Market Position by Acquiring Dinnersite

Amsterdam, the NetherlandsPeople nowadays are using online tools to purchase goods, book flights, hotel rooms, and get reservations at restaurants, without having to go through the hassle of booking over the phone. Cutting the red tape is the main argument why so many customers prefer this business model over the traditional ways of booking a ticket or a place at a restaurant. Many prefer using an app on their smartphone to solve all these issues, and it is not by accident that the biggest players on the market are expanding and consolidating their positions through mergers and acquisitions. In the world of booking reservations at restaurants, the latest move was made by Couverts, an online reservation portal from RTL Ventures that has just acquired Dinnersite, the biggest online guide for restaurants in the Netherlands.

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Paying with ibeacons in Turkish restaurants

Istanbul, Turkey: Diners at Turkish restaurant Olivia’s Pizzeria have become the first in the country to be able to use their BKM Express digital wallet to pay for their meals with their mobile phone.

BKM has partnered with venue discovery platform Mekanist for the service and the partners now plan to expand the service to restaurants across Turkey.

“The payment can be made in two different methods thanks to the merchant application, developed for Olivia’s Pizzeria,” BKM explains.

Read the original article on NFC World

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Consumers Will Be Able to Receive Their Food Orders from Rewe Billa in Secure Lockboxes

Vienna, Austria: Food delivery is a somewhat thorny issue for supermarket chains, distributors and consumers alike. While anyone likes the idea of having their groceries delivered right at their door steps, no one is fond of the fact that they need to be at home when the distributor arrives.

Rewe, the owner of Billa supermarkets, has a better idea. It allows anyone ordering their food from supermarket chains located in Vienna and Linz, to have it delivered to their doors, but locked in a special box that ensures that the food will not become spoilt.

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UK Xbox One Users Will Be Able to Oder Pizza Directly from Their Consoles Starting Next Month

London: The only thing that makes playing video games on your console better is eating a pizza in the same time. Apparently, this favorite pastime for many gamers is not unknown to Microsoft, the company preparing to introduce the Domino’s Pizza app on their Xbox One console. So far, the news is just a rumor, and the novelty is expected to be fully functional starting next month, but it would be no new ground for Microsoft, as US gamers can use Kinect as we speak to order pizza from Pizza Hut.

The way you will be placing your order will also be specific. You will have to say into your microphone “Domino’s, feed me”, and the app will launch, letting you choose your topping and customize your pizza as you see fit. There will be no contact with another human being, as it normally happens when ordering pizza over the phone, but the delivery will still be performed by a person, not by a machine. Nonetheless, the novelty is expected to be well received by Xbox users.

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Review Website Yelp Buys Popular German Start-up Restaurant-Kritik to Expand Its Presence in Europe

Berlin: The latest financial figures may not look too good for Yelp, and the fact that their share price registered a 15% drop is not good news either, but this does not mean that one of the biggest players on the review site market is going down. Actually, Yelp is planning to expand in Europe, being already present in 29 different countries.

Recently, Yelp bought Restaurant-Kritik, an ambitious startup dealing with the same line of business as its acquirer. With over 330,000 reviews from users on over 94,000 restaurants spread all over Germany, it is quite obvious that Yelp does not aim at treading lightly with its European expansion.

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La Belle Assiette Raises 1.3 Million Euros to Bring Chefs to Homes and Offices

Are you throwing a party at home or at the office and you want everything to be picture perfect? At least, when cooking is involved, La Belle Assiette has just the perfect solution for you: book a full fledge chef to come at your house or at your office, and they will take care of your guests’ most finicky tastes.

La Belle Assiette is a service operating, at the moment, in France, UK, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The company basically offers you the opportunity to browse for your personal chef and have him or her come at your place, with all the equipment and ingredients needed to cook delicious, fancy meals. So far, customers have booked chefs for 6 people, averaging 45 Euros per serving.

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Rocket Internet into same-day delivery

Berlin: later this year, Rocket Internet will launch its new venture Shopwings: as revealed by  the Berlin incubator  in its IPO prospectus, a platform for food shopping will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2014. The concept seems to be a platform that combines people who want need groceries, with people who are willing to buy and deliver it to them. 

Accordig to the prospectus, Shopwings is operated by a Luxemburg-based Holding, called Digital Services Holding XXI S.à r.l. The same holding also registred the Shopwings.com domain. Regitrant is Christoph Harsch, who also seems to be responsible for the German branch of Shopwings.

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