MainTool makes Classic Watches Smart

In the past five years or so in retail, one of the biggest trends to have gone viral are smartwatches, particularly those that measure our levels of fitness and exercise. From the Apple Watch to the Fitbit, fitness enthusiasts everywhere are obsessed with getting their hands on the latest gadget to improve their exercise and calorie intake.

But what happens when you want to combine fitness with fashion? A lot of the time, smartwatch wearers everywhere want to record their activity levels every single second of the day, meaning not just at the gym, but at work, dates, family events or just generally out and about. The problem with most smartwatch technology is that they’re so obvious - a big, bulky piece of technology strapped to your wrist, making everyone aware that you are wearing one. MainTool have created an ideal concept for both fitness and fashion lovers everywhere.

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Cavacave: a Game Changer for Wine Lovers everywhere

The process of Cavacave is a simple one - the seller creates an account where they can describe in detail the characteristics of their bottle of wine, such as age, price, traceability, domain and location. Any interested buyer pays for the bottle and receives the bottle in person or by delivery. ‘We have sold around 4,000 bottles with an average of €243.60 per transaction.’ Deubler confirms.

To step up it’s unique game, Cavacave also offers an online auction service which is dedicated to rare and exceptional wines and spirits. It can include over a hundred lots distributed over auction rooms, some lasting ten days. In the auction rooms you can find several different rare wines, such as bottles of Chateaux Sénéjac - Haut Médoc, dating from 1945.

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European Food Innovation: Early Taste, Menu Next Door, NaturSnack

Early taste is a dedicated German breakfast delivery service. The company was founded in 2015 by Dominik Senk and Steffen Oldenburg (both 29).

Prices for a one person breakfast that can be ordered from their website range from 10- 14 euro per person.

Gruenderszene recently tested the service. Results: There is not a lot to choose from. The food is good and certainly worth waiting for (more than one hour). The prices are rather high compared to what you get for it.


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Carrefour launches mobile app to guide you to your shopping list, literally!

Paris: French retail giant Carrefour has launched two new services that are trending and are designed to make the shopping experience at the hypermarkets more than just shopping.

The first one is the revolutionary C-ou mobile app which offers in-house geo location services with the help of low energy beacons of Bluetooth signals. Currently this new piece of technology is being tested at its flagship store Villeneuve La Garenne, northwest of Paris.

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Succes story: My Little Paris – How a Simple Newsletter Can Be Turned into a Business with 14 Million Euros Profit

Content is the bread and butter of many marketers trying to make a living on the World Wide Web. But Fany Péchiodat, a young Parisian with a penchant for identifying the best of luxury shopping in the French capital, managed to do more than a living. She created a success story that can make any content marketer pale with envy. Her simple idea, first implemented in 2008, led to a fully fledged business that now has 14 million Euros profit for the last year. Her secret? A small newsletter written to friends to share secrets of the beloved Paris, its shopping, its venues, its sights and so on.


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Fnac Uses to Help Customers Get Their Christmas Presents in Record Time

Fnac is the largest entertainment retail chain specialized in electronics and cultural products in France. Since December is always a busy month for deliverers and retailers alike, Fnac decided to up their game by partnering with, a startup company founded in 2013.

How does help Fnac customers during the holidays? Their distribution network based on scooters and other electronic transportation devices is going to work around the clock to take orders placed with Fnac to customers within just three hours flat.

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Melijoe - design clothing for kids - receives New Investments to Expand Globally

Paris: Parents with a high sense of fashion do not have to settle for dressing their kids from regular stores. Melijoe, a luxury e-tailer for kids, started in 2007, by Nathalie Christen-Genty, makes it possible for these parents and their off-springs to shop in style.

What makes Melijoe different in a world full of e-commerce shops aiming to satisfy the most demanding tastes, even when it comes to kids? The e-tailer offers the same fashionista oriented experience as high street fashion magazines like Elle and Vogue offer for adults. Among the brands featured by Melijoe, Tartine et Chocolat, Cacharel for kids, and Burberry for kids, are a few of the many worth mentioning.

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Galleries Lafayette will provide ‘omni-channel tailored recommendations” to shoppers

Paris: French department store Galeries Lafayette has invested in technology that allows it to up-sell and cross-sell shopper-specific merchandise to increase sales and average order value .

They work together on this with omnichannel personalisation vendor RichRelevance. Galeries Lafayette will now be able to use real-time data for presenting tailored recommendations to shoppers, both online and in-store.

It can also make use of specific shopper insights to target campaigns and promotions in real-time both online and offline.  Additionally, Galeries Lafayette will take the first step in personalising the in-store shopping experience by delivering product recommendations on tablets held by sales associates.

Read More Aims at Becoming the Number One Destination for Male Shoppers

Paris: The fashion industry has seemingly always chased after the female shopper, as far as the online environment is concerned. This is something seeks to do differently, since their focus is on men only and how their shopping habits are different from women. There must be at least a few things is doing well, as in 2014, the portfolio of male fashion websites operated by the company has welcomed 17 million visitors, looking for more than 400 different brands, including the ones owned by Menlook (Menlook Label, SaintSens and Estime).

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La Belle Assiette Raises 1.3 Million Euros to Bring Chefs to Homes and Offices

Are you throwing a party at home or at the office and you want everything to be picture perfect? At least, when cooking is involved, La Belle Assiette has just the perfect solution for you: book a full fledge chef to come at your house or at your office, and they will take care of your guests’ most finicky tastes.

La Belle Assiette is a service operating, at the moment, in France, UK, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The company basically offers you the opportunity to browse for your personal chef and have him or her come at your place, with all the equipment and ingredients needed to cook delicious, fancy meals. So far, customers have booked chefs for 6 people, averaging 45 Euros per serving.

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French Mobile Couponing app Plyce raises €1.5 Million

Paris: Geo-localized mobile shopping networking Plyce announced to have raised €1.5 Million from Caloga & BpiFrance. The funding comes on top of a 2011 $850K seed round raised from Orkos Capital, Jaina Capital & others. Founded in 2010 by Bruno Massiet du Biest, Mickaël Arias & Paul Wourlod, the startup today has shifted focus towards “drive to store” on mobile, enabling mobile shoppers to order on the go.

 "Thanks to this money , we can now further develop our product as well as our business”, says Plyce  president Bruno Massiet du Biest. “We need to improve the customer experience, working on topics such as the iBeacon and NFC to ensure traceability of the coupon. The goal is to be able to trace the circuit of a coupon and be able to 'burn' this coupon, if  one and the same coupon can only be used once, "he explains. Three people will be recruited in the coming weeks: one to develop the back office and two commercial people.

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First Fashion & Tech Week Paris

Located in the heart of Paris' Sentier quarter, NUMA, the flagship organism for all things innovation and digital, is taking advantage of Fashion Week Paris to promote relationships and enable fruitful discussions between the worlds of fashion and technology. Extraordinary experiences await, not to mention a first for Paris, which might just also become the new tech capital of the fashion world, or is it new fashion capital of the tech world...?

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Sending money with a Tweet

Paris, France: S-money, a subsidiary of Groupe BPCE, announced  that from October this year, users will be able to send money to one another  simply by tweeting to  @user to whom they wish to send money. The recipient does not even need to be a S-Money user.

The service will  be available in France only . Via the S-Money smartphone application, users can select the amount of money they wish to transfer, as well as the recipient, and, assuming you know the recipient’s Twitter handle, you can send them a unique URL allowing them to retrieve their money.

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easyJet Adds Personalized Customer Service with iBeacon Technology

London: Beacon technology is just making its way in the world, but more and more companies are willing to take a shot at the advantages this new tech gimmick could offer in the relations they have with customers. Perceived as synonym with ease of navigation, beacon technology is currently on trial by the popular airline easyJet that aims to make passengers’ boarding to planes an easy, enjoyable experience. The prerequisites are simple: the passengers using easyJet services must have an app installed on their phones, so they can receive important messages at critical points, such as the bag area or security. Being let know to have all the papers ready before boarding can streamline the process, easyJet representatives think, and iBeacon is the tool they use to make it happen.

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