European Carpooling Is Taking the World by Storm: the succes stories of Blablacar and

Sustainable economy is a big phrase today and for a good reason. People everywhere are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, and Europeans, with their small, efficient cars that travel light in terms of gas consumption, are among the champions. However, there is a step up from sustainable economy that does not even include the creation of new goods, but it does involve the appearance of a new service. Introducing shareconomy, a concept that involves the use of same goods and services by a community of people. One of the biggest examples is, without a doubt, carpooling, a term that conquers vast spaces at the speed of light, with European companies expanding all over the world.

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Rush Hour Made Easy for Munich Locals with, a Scooter Sharing Service

Munich, Germany: Mobility is a big issue in today’s world, especially in overcrowded urban areas, where squeezing your car through rush hour can be close to impossible. For this reason, young urban professionals prefer more environment friendly means of transportation that are easy on their budget.

However, a bicycle is limited when it comes to speed, so going places can be a bummer if your destination is too far away. For Munich locals, the issue is about to receive at least one solution with the implementation of a scooter renting service that allows users to get around the city, using such small vehicles.

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Fnac Uses to Help Customers Get Their Christmas Presents in Record Time

Fnac is the largest entertainment retail chain specialized in electronics and cultural products in France. Since December is always a busy month for deliverers and retailers alike, Fnac decided to up their game by partnering with, a startup company founded in 2013.

How does help Fnac customers during the holidays? Their distribution network based on scooters and other electronic transportation devices is going to work around the clock to take orders placed with Fnac to customers within just three hours flat.

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