The Rise of Recommerce in Germany

Recommerce is, simply put, the recycling method of the Internet and modern technology age. It works by offering a guaranteed repurchase price to the holder of the product, or by organising the logistical return of the product. In 2016 you can pretty much recommerce anything if it fits the guidelines, with companies offering products from jeans, corks, eyeglasses and watches, or cultural goods, to books, CDs and DVDs. It is an access to second hand luxuries, like smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs and cameras. An excellent example of recommerce in 2016 is the company Envirofone, who buy second hand or even damaged phones and recycle them safely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Rocket Internet's Musical Endeavour

Rocket internet is never sitting still. Among the recent activities of the Germany based incubator, has been the founding of Bandist, an online market place for Musical instruments.   

Business model

Selling musical instruments solely online, has already proven itself as a valid business model by for example Siccas Guitars (Karlsruhe, Germany).  Bandist will however offer its services as a market place: Music shops and private sellers are enabled to open a shop on Bandist and benefit the market place promoting and selling features. According to the Bandist - FAQ, advertising on Bandist will be free of charge. A 5% fee will be imposed on transactions however. 

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SoySuper (Spain) launches app for shopping lists and price comparison

SoySuper, Spain’s online supermarket aggregator, just launched its new mobile app (IOS /Android).  The app facilitates consumers to make shopping lists and do price comparison. Prices are compared between all of Spain’s new online supermarkets (Mercadona, Carrefour, Alcampo. Eroski, El Corte Ingles, Hippercor. Caprabo, Condis and DIA). The main goal of the new app is for consumers to easier and faster create shopping lists from their mobile or tablet. The Soysuper website conitinues to be available from all devices, due to its responsive design. The new app adds to the shopping list creation service, by providing the option to enter product searches by voice and by scanning barcodes. A short overview of SoySuper new functionalities:

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Samsung Opens Retailers' Doors for Digital Consumers with Giant Tablet Like Video Wall

London: Samsung is experiencing a new business model by announcing that they will install video walls in several European retailers’ shops. With the world being dominated by smartphones and tablets – a market for which Samsung acts as one of the leaders – consumers modify their behaviors, as well.

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Amazon plans to enter European Market

On October 22, Amazon deposited the needed papers to the European trademark registry for the above mentioned trademarks, which can only mean one thing: after establishing a solid position back home, the e-commerce platforms intends to do a repeat performance on the European markets.

In the case of Amazon Fashion, the company will create a separate website where clothes, clothing accessories, shoes and jewelry will be sold. The website will follow the same pattern, with customers’ reviews and comments on what’s trendy and what’s not

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Retail Search Engine Voradius Gets New Round of Financing

Amsterdam: Online shopping is a reality for most Internet users. Whether you want to purchase a digital or a physical product, you often turn to the old trusted World Wide Web for info, such as where to find it and how much it costs. The Dutch search engine Voradius, launched in April last year, was designed with the needs of Internet shoppers in mind. First launched in the Amsterdam area, where no less than 14,000 retail stores are connected to the platform, the engine has big expansion plans.

Just recently, Voradius has received a new round of financing, and, besides the initial investor, Javest Growth Investment, new players are getting a place at the table. However, Voradius representatives keep silent about these investors’ names, and no official data has been released regarding the amount invested during this second round.


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Orderbird and Airfy Get Together and Step Up the Game for Small Businesses with New and Clever WiFi Hotspots

Berlin: There are fewer and fewer people who do not use their smartphones or other mobile devices to replace mundane activities that used to be tributary to the analogue world. Smartphones are not just for talking or texting; they are designed to go online and they can also serve as a mobile wallet from which no one can actually steal your cash. With the takeoff of mobile technologies, the need for faster, sleeker, more secure Internet has appeared.

This is the reason why Orderbird, the known iPad POS system now used by many bars and restaurants for taking order from clients, decided to get together with Airfy, the Berlin startup famous for its crowdfunding campaign for making the world’s “sexiest WiFi router”, as it was described by John Biggs from TechCrunch. Their purpose is to install WiFi hotspots in businesses operating in the hospitality field, from restaurants and hotels to bars and eateries.

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Shopkick Taps into the International Market by Expanding to Germany

Germany: Shopkick is already a sensation in the US, where the company has amassed one billion dollars in revenue from partnering with retailers, and helping customers enjoy a different, better shopping experience. Now, Shopkick is expanding to Germany, and it has partnered with names like Procter & Gamble, Media Markt, OBI, Karstadt, and Douglas.

The app with the same name is available for download to German consumers. The way this app works is based on beacon technology, and it powers a reward system with tremendous success in the US. Also called a ‘live in store’ reward system, the Shopkick app is pretty straightforward. Customers with the app active on their smatphones will receive points called kicks, each time they scan a product barcode they are interested in.

Shopkick is just starting to expand on the international market with the opening of their Berlin office. The same US based success is expected as a repeat performance in Europe as well. Since customers are drawn in stores and can receive rewards just for getting informed on products, it means that shops will be able to attract more visitors.

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