DrexCode: the Italian Way of Curated Shopping

by Lottie Atkin

Fashion enthusiasts all over the world have faced this dilemma at least once - you have been invited to a formal dinner, a charity ball, an awards ceremony or a lavish event that requires an equally lavish outfit. You want to wear a beautiful and luxurious dress, but the event is not quite important enough to invest your life savings into an outfit. Besides, just like a wedding dress, you’re likely to only wear this once, so why would you take out a second mortgage just so you can impress your colleagues for just one evening? This is where Drexcode comes to the rescue.

Drexcode is an online platform for luxury clothing hire, and has recently closed a second round of financing for a cool half a million euros. It was founded in May 2014 bt Frederica Storace and Valeria Cambrea, two business women with more than ten years marketing experience behind them. The process is very simple thanks to their easy to use website. In four simple steps, a designer dress will land on your doorstep for your chosen occasion. First you register, then you choose your look and have it delivered. You wear the dress, feel fabulous and have UPS pick it up again for return as quickly as the morning after the night before. With additional free stylist advice, a free second size and a free refund within 24 hours policy, it is the ideal website for those looking to add a bit of designer style to their lives but aren’t quite ready to make the financial commitment yet.

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Rocket Internet's Musical Endeavour

Rocket internet is never sitting still. Among the recent activities of the Germany based incubator, has been the founding of Bandist, an online market place for Musical instruments.   

Business model

Selling musical instruments solely online, has already proven itself as a valid business model by for example Siccas Guitars (Karlsruhe, Germany).  Bandist will however offer its services as a market place: Music shops and private sellers are enabled to open a shop on Bandist and benefit the market place promoting and selling features. According to the Bandist - FAQ, advertising on Bandist will be free of charge. A 5% fee will be imposed on transactions however. 

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Contagt Combines NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy For Indoor- Navigation

Mannheim, Germany: “World’s simplest Indoor-navigation” this is how Contagt describes its own Location based solution. The Mannheim-based Start-up, uses NFC-Bluetooth Hybrid Beacons to facilitate in-door navigation.

By activating NFC-Tags with their Smartphone, users are navigated through a building. “Because of the combination of NFC and Bluetooth, we can locate people with up to 1 meter precision, also in places where GPS satellite location is lacking.”

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Hamburg Based Fashion Start UP Jan ‘N June Plans to Create Sustainable High Street Fashion

Hamburg, Germany: One of the most annoying things about going ‘organic’ when it comes to clothing is that ‘green’ outfits are simply not fashionable enough. Let’s face it, no one wants to wear an ugly dress, just for the sake of the environment, no matter how important is, for all of us, to become more aware of environmental challenges happening around.

Since hedonistic human nature cannot be changed, and pushing people towards wearing ‘green’ clothes is highly unlikely to work, a new fashion start up based in Hamburg, called Jan ‘N June is taking on the great challenge to make high street fashion using the principles of sustainability.

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SoySuper (Spain) launches app for shopping lists and price comparison

SoySuper, Spain’s online supermarket aggregator, just launched its new mobile app (IOS /Android).  The app facilitates consumers to make shopping lists and do price comparison. Prices are compared between all of Spain’s new online supermarkets (Mercadona, Carrefour, Alcampo. Eroski, El Corte Ingles, Hippercor. Caprabo, Condis and DIA). The main goal of the new app is for consumers to easier and faster create shopping lists from their mobile or tablet. The Soysuper website conitinues to be available from all devices, due to its responsive design. The new app adds to the shopping list creation service, by providing the option to enter product searches by voice and by scanning barcodes. A short overview of SoySuper new functionalities:

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Berlin’s Bikini Concept Mall Welcomes New Pop-up Stores

Berlin: Bikinihaus, the name of the building housing the modern Bikini concept mall, was erected in the 50s, its role being to promote a certain ‘Berlin attitude’. Consumers today may still relate to the chic air of the place, especially since the renovation of Bikinihaus and transformation into a concept mall has already managed to attract more than half a million people through its doors.

The main idea behind Bikini concept mall is to offer consumers living and shopping in a digital era a new way of doing what they love best, without dull ads or seizure inducing flashing panels. What the concept mall aims at is to create a space for people to come and relax, populate the area, without being pressured into buying something.

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Scarosso, the Warby Parker of shoes, ropes in 11M$ funding!

Berlin: Ever since Warby Parker's  (the provider of custom made glasses) succes story, Vertical integration, the business model where a company both makes and sells at the same time, has become the plan of choice. This is also proven by Scarosso that follows the same business model and has recently attracted the attention of many investors.

The Berlin company  has attracted investment from NEO Investment PartnersIBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft and DN Capital to help widen its presence internationally. With a claimed growth rate of 300% in 2013 alone, it’s not very hard to see its potential attraction amongst investors.

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SanomaVentures invests in Locals United

Amsterdam: Locals United offers local brick & mortar stores a platform that enables online sales, by providing them their a webshop environment and accommodating for matters such as product pictures, payments and logistics. Locals United also offers support for online promotion.

In return for a monthly membership subscription, physical stores can add 3 plug & play sales channels to their operations:

  • a web shop under their own domain name,
  • a shop on their Facebook page
  • and their own shop-in-shop at LocalsUnited.nl
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