European Food Innovation: Early Taste, Menu Next Door, NaturSnack

Early taste is a dedicated German breakfast delivery service. The company was founded in 2015 by Dominik Senk and Steffen Oldenburg (both 29).

Prices for a one person breakfast that can be ordered from their website range from 10- 14 euro per person.

Gruenderszene recently tested the service. Results: There is not a lot to choose from. The food is good and certainly worth waiting for (more than one hour). The prices are rather high compared to what you get for it.


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BriteShoes Lets Customers Design Their Own Footwear

Salamanca, Spain: “One size fits all” no longer satisfies customers who are looking for something closer to their needs and preferences. A trend called customization was born from this shift in the market, and now, a small startup from Salamanca, Spain, joins the club with a new initiative: customizing shoes in style, shape and size, so customers will never regret ordering their footwear online.

The shoes customized by BriteShoes use a 3D configurator to create the design the customer wants. From dangerously high heels to wacky ornaments and fancy colors, everything can be decided by the customer. The ultimate goal is to obtain a pair of unique, personalized shoes that the buyer will not see worn by someone else on the street.

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SoySuper (Spain) launches app for shopping lists and price comparison

SoySuper, Spain’s online supermarket aggregator, just launched its new mobile app (IOS /Android).  The app facilitates consumers to make shopping lists and do price comparison. Prices are compared between all of Spain’s new online supermarkets (Mercadona, Carrefour, Alcampo. Eroski, El Corte Ingles, Hippercor. Caprabo, Condis and DIA). The main goal of the new app is for consumers to easier and faster create shopping lists from their mobile or tablet. The Soysuper website conitinues to be available from all devices, due to its responsive design. The new app adds to the shopping list creation service, by providing the option to enter product searches by voice and by scanning barcodes. A short overview of SoySuper new functionalities:

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Spain: solidarity through internet and e-commerce

Spain: both people and businesses have gone through a bad time last few years. The crisis has left a mark on all levels of society. Anyone who lives in Spain knows what I’m talking about, as we have collectively witnessed these things take place.   

But the crisis has also nurtured our more caring side: the desire to help each other. Examples of this can be found on the web as well, where many projects with a social or co-operative goal have emerged. 


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Barcelona becomes a Smart City with 8,000 NFC and QR touchpoints

Barcelona, Spain: More than eight thousand locations across the Spanish city of Barcelona are to be equipped with NFC and QR touchpoints that deliver information on local services directly to visitors’ and citizens’ smartphones.

The Barcelona Contactless project is one of 32 that make up Barcelona Smart City, an initiative put in place to improve the city’s services via a wide variety of technologies. The NFC and QR platform will be powered by France-based NFC specialistConnecthings and follows the installation of 1,000 touchpoints in the city for Mobile World Congress 2013.

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Northweek Sunglasses – Customizable Eyewear Design from Spain

Barcelona, Spain: Northweek Sunglasses is a small startup founded in May 2013, in Barcelona, by two college students, Alex Huertas and Hector Rey. Their goal, at that time, was to provide consumers with the ability to create their own sunglasses, and this is exactly what they achieved.

What does Northweek Sunglasses offer? Mainly customizable sunglasses in trendy fashion styles, an adventure in color and form that cannot be found anywhere else. With the hipster trends on the rise, it is not unusual that the small Barcelona startup managed to amass a large fan base within a very short time range.

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Corte Ingles Creates New Facilities for Online Food Retailers and Customers with a New App

Madrid, Spain: Corte Ingles is the second player on the online food delivery market in Spain, with a turnover of 70 million Euros, still at a great distance from Mercadona that can brag about selling double this figure for the last year. However, this does not mean that Corte Ingles plans to just contemplate the advance Mercadona has; recently, Corte Ingles launched a new app that is aimed at making customers’ experience even better when they are shopping for groceries.

The app developed by the company does not resume to offering customers a linear supermarket experience in which you need to swipe to the left or right to get to the next item you want to purchase. Several categories are available, such as fresh, canned, homemade, beverages, and you only need to drag the items you want to purchase to your shopping cart.

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Rakuten allows Spanish shops to sell abroad

Spain: Rakuten, is one of the biggest online market places that allows companies to sell  products online over their platform . They came to Spain a year ago and while celebrating their first year anniversary in Spain with some 600 registered companies on their platform and a catalogue containing more than 1 million products, they decided to adjust their strategy for our country. They announced that from 2015, Spanish companies that sell on their platform, will also be allowed to sell outside of Spain on other European Rakuten websites: in France, Austria, Germany and in the UK.

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New credit lending platform Spotcap for SME's in Spain

Madrid, Berlin: Rocket Internet continues its focus on FinTech and launches Spotcap. The new online loan platform, that will be launched in Spain first ,will provide"rapid and flexible financing for SMEs".

The application process for these loans (from 500 to 50.000 euros ) should  not take longer than 5 minutes, according to the Spotcap’s advertisements.: one’s credit-worthiness is checked  with a so-called scoring technology that will evaluate the data online that the applicant provides online. Where the lending money comes from has not been disclosed by the company so far.

A similar test concept was developed by the Hamburg Startup Kreditech, which was funded by the Samwer Global Fund Founders Capital.

Spotcap will be managed from the Berlin head quarters, by its founders Toby Triebel and JensWoloszcak and by Managing Director Pablo Pastega, In Germany

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