Taxify is set to become Poland's Anti-Uber

Uber has been a disruptive force to cities everywhere. No matter where they go, be it Germany or London, people are upset by their presence. They offer you an alternative to the local taxi companies by offering you rides by private individuals. They have a clever app that uses GPS's to get you the closest ride at an affordable rate. However, they have been accused of unfair business practices by their rivals like Lyft as well as local established taxi firms. As a result, local taxi firms feel that technology is leaving them in the dust.

Taxify is trying to help local taxi firms become more competitive. The app was developed by a team in Estonia. They are funded by the VC that brought you Skype. They have successfully set up their services in Tallinn, Helsinki, Riga, Kiev, Minsk, and Gdansk. Recently, they have set up a network in Krakow and are hoping to extend their reach to the rest of southern Poland.


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