No message in this bottle: Letterbox friendly wine bottles by Garçon Wines

- By Lottie Atkin

There’s nothing worse to coming home after a hard day at work to realise that there’s no wine in the house. So, if only you had a wine subscription, right? But as well as wine-less shelves, we’ve all faced the inconvenience of missing a parcel quite a few times in our life. You spend ages looking forward to your package finally being delivered, only to arrive home to the dreaded ‘Sorry we missed you...’ slip. You then have to go through the notion of the awkward encounters with the neighbours it was left with, or driving miles to your local distribution centre and queuing for ages while wondering if this parcel is really worth it.

What if there was a way to never miss a delivery, specifically, an alcohol filled delivery? London start up company Garçon Wines have created slim, plastic wine bottles that fit through your letterbox, allowing for home delivery even when you’re not home. Made from heavy duty, glass like plastic, the bottles appear thinner and longer than a typically shaped wine bottle

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Smart drinking by Malibu

Never thought drinking booze lead to more smartness? Well it could. The bad news: the benefits are for the Pernod-Ricard Group, not for you. Pernod has recently equipped 45,000 of its Malibu bottles with a NFC chip. The test will run in until december 2016 in 1,600 Tesco supermarkets in the UK. 

How does it work? 

Consumers ‘touching' a bottle with an NFC-enabled smartphone, get acces to Malibu branded content. Pernod-Ricard claims that this is the largest global deployment ever of NFC on an alcoholic product. 

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Mannequins talk to customers in London (through iBeacon)

London: Window shopping is ready to take on a new meaning as technology infiltrates brick and mortar stores where high fashion is being displayed. With more and more shoppers carrying their purchases online, even important retailers and fashion based businesses are facing a challenge. What to do when your tech savvy customer is walking by your attractive store windows without sparing even as little as a glance? A British start-up named Iconeme is solving the conundrum for important retail names, like House of Fraser, Hawes & Curtis and Bentalls, with a smart and tiny app that connects customers with their favorite high street fashion stores in a sci-fi manner.

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Samsung Opens Retailers' Doors for Digital Consumers with Giant Tablet Like Video Wall

London: Samsung is experiencing a new business model by announcing that they will install video walls in several European retailers’ shops. With the world being dominated by smartphones and tablets – a market for which Samsung acts as one of the leaders – consumers modify their behaviors, as well.

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Barclays is testing iBeacon tech to improve in-branch accessibility

Compared to other banks, Barclays is often way out ahead when it comes to embracing new technology. After becoming the first financial institution to let customers transfer money using only their mobile number, the company also let some business users swap PINs, passwords and authentication codes for fingerprint scanners. For its latest tech trial, Barclays wants to make things easier for customers coming into its branches, so it today announced that it's become the latest UK company to trial Beacon technology.

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Paying with ibeacons in Turkish restaurants

Istanbul, Turkey: Diners at Turkish restaurant Olivia’s Pizzeria have become the first in the country to be able to use their BKM Express digital wallet to pay for their meals with their mobile phone.

BKM has partnered with venue discovery platform Mekanist for the service and the partners now plan to expand the service to restaurants across Turkey.

“The payment can be made in two different methods thanks to the merchant application, developed for Olivia’s Pizzeria,” BKM explains.

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iBeacon Case: Beacons in Norwich Buses provide Offers to passengers

Norwich, UK: Beacon technology is thought to be merely in an experimentation stage, which is why many companies are still trying to find its best uses, whether this means pure marketing or direct monetization. The direction chosen by FirstGroup, a transportation company in the UK, is to make people take the bus more often. What’s the catch?

With the help of Bluetooth Low Energy transmitters installed on the buses crossing Norwich up and down, left and right, the company hopes to determine people armed with smartphones to choose this type of public transportation over others. While they travel like this, these passengers will be able to receive special deals, coupons, discounts, and other types of loyalty rewards from various local brands.

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UK Xbox One Users Will Be Able to Oder Pizza Directly from Their Consoles Starting Next Month

London: The only thing that makes playing video games on your console better is eating a pizza in the same time. Apparently, this favorite pastime for many gamers is not unknown to Microsoft, the company preparing to introduce the Domino’s Pizza app on their Xbox One console. So far, the news is just a rumor, and the novelty is expected to be fully functional starting next month, but it would be no new ground for Microsoft, as US gamers can use Kinect as we speak to order pizza from Pizza Hut.

The way you will be placing your order will also be specific. You will have to say into your microphone “Domino’s, feed me”, and the app will launch, letting you choose your topping and customize your pizza as you see fit. There will be no contact with another human being, as it normally happens when ordering pizza over the phone, but the delivery will still be performed by a person, not by a machine. Nonetheless, the novelty is expected to be well received by Xbox users.

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easyJet Adds Personalized Customer Service with iBeacon Technology

London: Beacon technology is just making its way in the world, but more and more companies are willing to take a shot at the advantages this new tech gimmick could offer in the relations they have with customers. Perceived as synonym with ease of navigation, beacon technology is currently on trial by the popular airline easyJet that aims to make passengers’ boarding to planes an easy, enjoyable experience. The prerequisites are simple: the passengers using easyJet services must have an app installed on their phones, so they can receive important messages at critical points, such as the bag area or security. Being let know to have all the papers ready before boarding can streamline the process, easyJet representatives think, and iBeacon is the tool they use to make it happen.

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