Consumers Will Be Able to Receive Their Food Orders from Rewe Billa in Secure Lockboxes

Vienna, Austria: Food delivery is a somewhat thorny issue for supermarket chains, distributors and consumers alike. While anyone likes the idea of having their groceries delivered right at their door steps, no one is fond of the fact that they need to be at home when the distributor arrives.

Rewe, the owner of Billa supermarkets, has a better idea. It allows anyone ordering their food from supermarket chains located in Vienna and Linz, to have it delivered to their doors, but locked in a special box that ensures that the food will not become spoilt.

No need to worry about food theft, either, since the lockbox will not only be locked itself, so that no one can rummage inside, but will also have a special device to anchor to the recipient’s door. While this may not be the same thing with having your milk delivered by the milkman, back in the days, it is sort of a revolutionary idea to allow consumers take the worry of doing the groceries off their shoulders.

The Lockbox

The Lockbox

Rewe partners with Berlin based home delivery alternative 'Lockbox' for this initiative. Even a ‘same day shipping’ option will be available for consumers, which is a great plus. An interesting aspect is that no big distributor is yet involved in this process, and only startups have shown interest in making food delivery easier.

Rewe has a very good reason to up their game. Amazon Fresh, a food delivery system supported by the e-commerce giant, is already announced to set foot in Germany.