Fashion Library Opens in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: The clothing industry is one of the biggest in the world. Employing millions of workers, and a large consumer of resources, it continuously makes an impact on the environment. Different solutions are emerging to make clothes more environmentally friendly, from garments created from recycled materials, to the brand new Fashion Library Lena recently opened on Westerstraat, in Amsterdam.

This is the first venue of the kind opened by Suzanne Smulders, one of the founders of the new clothing library. If this experiment proves to be a success, many others may emerge.

The model used by the fashion library is simple. Customers pay a 19.95 Euros subscription fee, based on which new and vintage clothes can be borrowed. Those coming to the library can also decide in favor of purchasing a certain outfit, if they truly like it.

Interior of Fashion library Lena in the Center of Amsterdam, Photo: Bo van Veen

Interior of Fashion library Lena in the Center of Amsterdam, Photo: Bo van Veen

The concept of borrowing clothes is rather new, at least at such a scale. The founders hope it will be appealing enough for hip consumers with a knack for environmentally friendly clothes. Lena works with sustainable brands such as Wintervacht, Elementum and Alchemist, so there is a great array of fashion items consumers can choose from.

As the founders say, we live in a world where women buy clothes, wear them once and then forget all about them. The result is a massive waste of resources that can be stopped by fashion libraries such as the one opened in Amsterdam.

Customers can also accrue credit points on their subscription cards, based on how many borrows they make monthly.

Check more pictures of the Library's interior, below (Photo's: Bo van Veen)