Fnac Uses Deliver.ee to Help Customers Get Their Christmas Presents in Record Time

Fnac is the largest entertainment retail chain specialized in electronics and cultural products in France. Since December is always a busy month for deliverers and retailers alike, Fnac decided to up their game by partnering with Deliver.ee, a startup company founded in 2013.

How does Deliver.ee help Fnac customers during the holidays? Their distribution network based on scooters and other electronic transportation devices is going to work around the clock to take orders placed with Fnac to customers within just three hours flat.

Fnac hopes to make a great impression this holiday season on their customers with the fast delivery services since many are expected to order their gifts on last minute basis.

Planning a delivery on deliver.ee

Planning a delivery on deliver.ee

The service is available for all Fnac customers starting with December 2, and it is based on courier proximity to have all the orders delivered on time. As Roman Libeau, one of the founders of Deliver.ee, pointed out, having all the orders honored and delivered on time during this busy time of the year is of the utmost importance to Fnac, as well as their customers.

Deliver.ee has 500 professional deliverers under their wing, all specialized in urban delivery. The service covers the following cities: Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Clichy and Levallois-Perret. And it is not for free. Express clients enjoy a 4.99Euros reduced fee, while the rest will have to pay 9.99Euros for the speedy delivery.

Also, to make sure that their gifts will arrive on time, clients need to place their orders between 9.30 and 18.30, Monday through Saturday.