Foodvibes Offers Delicacies with Background Stories, Launches New Website

Hamburg can be easily considered one of the biggest business incubators in Germany, as many startups begin here, only to expand all over Germany and then across Europe. Foodvibes is a new addition to the long lineup of small enterprises looking to offer consumers an alternative to the usual online shopping.

Healthy eating is the principle behind Foodvibes, a company started by Gordian Madsen, a Hamburg local with a master’s degree in International Business Administration and Management. Madsen speaks of long conversations with his mother who runs a pudding course as being his main inspiration for creating Foodvibes.

Foodvibes'  Foodbox  contents 

Foodvibes' Foodbox contents 

What the new startup intends to offer consumers is a way of eating healthy, while enjoying the best delicacies. Everything Foodvibes offers is organic and obtained from the German market. Anyone becoming a customer receives a box of delicacies monthly, containing various goodies, such as gourmet sweets, spices, oils, and beverages. At the moment, fresh produce is not being offered.

Madsen says there is more to Foodvibes than just the desire to offer customers the opportunity to discover the foodie’s way of life. The company is focused on supporting local development, as all the delicacies included in the monthly surprise box sent by Foodvibes to all customers come from German factories. The contents of the box come accompanies by recipes and background stories, offering customers insight on how the items are produced.

Foodvibes has just launched its website and, to encourage people to join, a 10 Euros discount was offered for all customers on their first delicacy box.