Frichti: ‘Homemade’ Delivery Food in Paris

Meet Frichti: Frichti is a French startup that offers and delivers healthy meals anywhere in Paris and some other nearby cities. So far, nothing exciting. But it is not just another delivery company in a busy city, they have an approach that is slightly different than that of competitors...

Cold Turkey?

While most courier companies send your food ready to eat, Frichti delivers your orders cold to preserve the quality of the dishes. You just have to warm your meal up and it will be ready for you to eat it.

Also, they work only with fresh, high-quality, picked-by-themselves ingredients, which is something that most restaurants try but not all of them accomplish. Another great aspect of this company is that you can find food for any type of diets – carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, among others. Additionally, what really differentiates Frichti from the rest of the competitors is that their chefs do not cook like chefs. Basically, it means that every meal you order will be as “homemade” as possible.

Track and trace

The way they work is simple:  after you order your meal and pay for it using only online tools – no cash accepted – they send you a SMS with the geo-location of the delivery man to let you know that your meal is on its way. Then, when your order is about to arrive, they send you a second SMS so you can go and receive it.

€30 million

So far, users have nothing but good comments about it. And this has been noticed by companies like Verlinvest, Alven Capital, Idinvest Partners and Felix Capital, since they have invested in Frichti’s funding round, reaching more than €30 million.

Alven puts it like this on their website: 

"Frichti has managed in only a few months to woo the Parisian crowd, who when compared to other regions is notorious for mostly eating either home-cooked meals or dining at restaurants. Their trademark? Top chefs cooking a simple cuisine with quality in-season produce, modeled on what users would cook for a nicer meal for themselves while breaking with traditional delivery foods such as pizza or sushi or the staples of home-cooked meals like pasta or frozen food. Last but not least, the icing on the cake is how Frichti nurtures its service of homey meals while fully embracing the convenience of fast delivery and flawless digital interfaces to cater to impatient, time-constrained and digitally savvy urban dwellers. "