No message in this bottle: Letterbox friendly wine bottles by Garçon Wines

There’s nothing worse to coming home after a hard day at work to realise that there’s no wine in the house. So, if only you had a wine subscription, right? But as well as wine-less shelves, we’ve all faced the inconvenience of missing a parcel quite a few times in our life. You spend ages looking forward to your package finally being delivered, only to arrive home to the dreaded ‘Sorry we missed you...’ slip. You then have to go through the notion of the awkward encounters with the neighbours it was left with, or driving miles to your local distribution centre and queuing for ages while wondering if this parcel is really worth it.

Wine clubs all over the world have created the concept of being able to order wine online and have it delivered to your doorstep at moment’s notice for parties and events. Companies such as Cavacave, where you can find or sell vintage wines that are almost forgotten about. Even standard supermarkets will deliver wine to you with the rest of your weekly shop. But 9 out of 10 times, unless you’re really organised, you’re likely to miss your delivery. With a generation of ever changing, fast paced, hard working individuals who are hardly ever at home, it is become more hassle than it’s worth to try and have wine delivered to your doorstep.

What if there was a way to never miss a delivery, specifically, an alcohol filled delivery? London start up company Garçon Wines have created slim, plastic wine bottles that fit through your letterbox, allowing for home delivery even when you’re not home. Made from heavy duty, glass like plastic, the bottles appear thinner and longer than a typically shaped wine bottle, yet they contain the exact same amount of wine. They are designed to handle all the bumps and shakes it will experience while travelling through the post and landing through your letterbox and onto your doormat unbroken. The bottles will be manufactured in China, and has been designed in the style of a classic Bordeaux bottle, except thinner and slightly longer, while still holding the traditional 750ml.

Garçon Wines are hoping to start shipping wines from March this year. However, the wines on offer will not be the kind that you can store in your wine cellar for years to come – the company says that you’ll need to drink them within six to twelve months. Founder of Garçon Wines, 29 year old Joe Revell, says that their target audience are 18 to 40 year olds who are most likely living and working in a city and lead a busy lifestyle – too busy to stay at home for regular subscriptions – but are eager to try new wines. Joe is hoping to develop the subscription service in the future, so that people will join the ‘Garçon Wine Club’, and will be regularly sent bottles wine on a bi weekly schedule, depending on their preference. The subscriptions will begin at £10 a month. Co-founder Santiago Navarro says ‘There has never been anything like this before. The bottle feels very nice in your hand, with similar rigidity and clarity to a regular bottle'.

Rachel, Joe and Santiago, the team behind Garçon Wines

Rachel, Joe and Santiago, the team behind Garçon Wines

Is this the future, or this is another example of a luxury, first world service? Will it become successful, or fall off the market like many other start up ideas? For the time being, busy individuals can sleep soundly at night knowing that they will not be missing their wine deliveries for the foreseeable future.