Green Guru’s: a win-win using the leftovers

Ever since the trend of startups has erupted, the life of a general human being has improved! Even though they are a bit tormenting for the planner and executors, they make life easier for the customers they are serving! One of such startups gaining momentum in Berlin is Green Guru’s. If you are someone who has decided to change your life and start living healthy, Green Guru is here for your help. We all know that taking the New Year’s resolution to live healthy is easy but actually implementing it is quite difficult. Now, who has the time and energy to sit and plan your meal and actually make all the healthy stuff? Also, a lot of people who have a full time job usually do not find spare time to make the healthy food items. Thus is when Green Guru comes to your assistance. It helps you in living a better life by providing you with the most delicious and well-made salads and smoothies!

What sets the company apart from the others is the fact that it has collaborated with other startups working in Berlin in selling off the excess food through various apps. With this collaboration, these companies not only successfully sell out food throughout the day but at the same time, use the leftover food. The leftover items are then sold off to the customers the next day or in the evenings through the specific app. The best thing about it that it is a win-win situation for both the company as well as the customers! The company gets to reduce the leftover cost while the customers get food in half of the cost. How convenient!