Rush Hour Made Easy for Munich Locals with, a Scooter Sharing Service

Munich, Germany: Mobility is a big issue in today’s world, especially in overcrowded urban areas, where squeezing your car through rush hour can be close to impossible. For this reason, young urban professionals prefer more environment friendly means of transportation that are easy on their budget.

However, a bicycle is limited when it comes to speed, so going places can be a bummer if your destination is too far away. For Munich locals, the issue is about to receive at least one solution with the implementation of a scooter renting service that allows users to get around the city, using such small vehicles.

The initiative belongs to a young startup, called, which allows users to connect through an iOS app, and choose a scooter as the means of transportation for the day. Currently, it is safe to say that the project is in an experimental phase, since there are only 12 Vespas available for renting. The good part is that everything happens through the app, payment included.

Picture taken from the website

Picture taken from the website

When a customer needs a Vespa to get around Munich, they only need to pay and then take the vehicle and use it. Preliminary personal verification and driving test are carried on through the app, and then a Vespa and a helmet are provided. The scooters do not even come with a key and they are easy to use.

Cost of registration is 8.90Euros and it’s just a onetime fee. For 3.60Euros, you can rent a Vespa for half an hour, after which you are charged at a rate of 18 Eurocents per minute.