How can survive the Amazon threat? is the oldest online store in the Netherlands. Their 2017 revenues are estimated at 950 million euros, making them the leading online retailer in the Netherlands. Despite of their success these last few years, it is uncertain if they’ll keep their leading position. First of all they have been facing competition from online retailer Coolblue that is loved by consumers for their excellent services.  


But this is certainly not the only threat the company is facing: e-commerce giant Amazon that has not shown any interest in the Netherlands before, started offering their services to Dutch consumers as well. They haven’t had an active market strategy in the Netherlands yet, but recently made a Dutch version of their website, gave Dutch consumers access to their Prime delivery services and added the possibility to pay with Ideal. This alone already made Amazon the number 6 largest webshop in 2017 with revenues worth 250 million euros. 

So far they’ve had a passive market strategy for the Netherlands, but how will consumers react when Amazon will have a full focus on this market? Will consumers simply run to Amazon to buy their products. 

The challenge 

It is clear that they will enter the marker soon enough. We wanted to understand what chances stands: will they loose their consumers to competition or will they be able to keep them due to the brand they have managed to build up? What are their chances from the consumers’ perspective?

We wanted to find this out but realized that simply asking consumers about their brand preferences would be a very inaccurate method as people find it hard to predict their own behavior and preferences.    

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Online Marketplace Fyndiq Receives New Investments to Become Sweden’s Amazon for Bargain Deals

Stockholm: Fyndiq is one of Sweden’s fastest growing online marketplaces, with over satisfied 500,000 customers to date. The platform is mainly oriented towards electronics and other household products that buyers can purchase for the best prices.

Fyndiq works by bringing together sellers who want to move their inventories faster and buyers on the lookout for better deals. Sellers list their items on Fyndiq, where buyers can find them with ease, and Fyndiq gets 5% of every transaction taking place on their platform. The whole selling and delivery process is handled by the seller. Otherwise, there are no other obligations for sellers, which makes the platform quite popular with electronics and household products dealers.


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Amazon in a Hurry to Enter Dutch e-Book Market

Amsterdam: Amazon, the largest international online bookseller, is in a hurry entering the Dutch market. At least that is the impression that several Dutch publishers get after Amazon recently making them proposals for the delivery of e-books. No one knows exactly when Amazon wants to start, but it certainly seems they are in an hurry. 

According to news platform NRCQ one Dutch publisher already signed a contract with Amazon. Others are still under negotiation. Martin Voigt, commercial manager of publisher ‘Nieuw Amsterdam’ said to the newspaper: "I ot a three to four calls  in the last few weeks time from Amazon’s European headquarters in Luxembourg, asking me if I had any questions. To us the Amazons terms are unacceptable. Moreover, we’re not in a hurry. "

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