Fashion Library Opens in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: The clothing industry is one of the biggest in the world. Employing millions of workers, and a large consumer of resources, it continuously makes an impact on the environment. Different solutions are emerging to make clothes more environmentally friendly, from garments created from recycled materials, to the brand new Fashion Library Lena recently opened on Westerstraat, in Amsterdam.

This is the first venue of the kind opened by Suzanne Smulders, one of the founders of the new clothing library. If this experiment proves to be a success, many others may emerge.

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Retail Search Engine Voradius Gets New Round of Financing

Amsterdam: Online shopping is a reality for most Internet users. Whether you want to purchase a digital or a physical product, you often turn to the old trusted World Wide Web for info, such as where to find it and how much it costs. The Dutch search engine Voradius, launched in April last year, was designed with the needs of Internet shoppers in mind. First launched in the Amsterdam area, where no less than 14,000 retail stores are connected to the platform, the engine has big expansion plans.

Just recently, Voradius has received a new round of financing, and, besides the initial investor, Javest Growth Investment, new players are getting a place at the table. However, Voradius representatives keep silent about these investors’ names, and no official data has been released regarding the amount invested during this second round.


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