DrexCode: the Italian Way of Curated Shopping

by Lottie Atkin

Fashion enthusiasts all over the world have faced this dilemma at least once - you have been invited to a formal dinner, a charity ball, an awards ceremony or a lavish event that requires an equally lavish outfit. You want to wear a beautiful and luxurious dress, but the event is not quite important enough to invest your life savings into an outfit. Besides, just like a wedding dress, you’re likely to only wear this once, so why would you take out a second mortgage just so you can impress your colleagues for just one evening? This is where Drexcode comes to the rescue.

Drexcode is an online platform for luxury clothing hire, and has recently closed a second round of financing for a cool half a million euros. It was founded in May 2014 bt Frederica Storace and Valeria Cambrea, two business women with more than ten years marketing experience behind them. The process is very simple thanks to their easy to use website. In four simple steps, a designer dress will land on your doorstep for your chosen occasion. First you register, then you choose your look and have it delivered. You wear the dress, feel fabulous and have UPS pick it up again for return as quickly as the morning after the night before. With additional free stylist advice, a free second size and a free refund within 24 hours policy, it is the ideal website for those looking to add a bit of designer style to their lives but aren’t quite ready to make the financial commitment yet.

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